Georgia Tech @ Miami, 12pm Saturday February 20th

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Helluva Engineer
Got to go deep into the bench. Howard did some good things today when he got a chance. This was the kind of win this team needed. Devoe usher Wright and Jose were really good today. Good to see Devoe smiling at the end of the game.

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Probably correct in that rating. GaSt, UVA, Clemson, and others could easily have flipped the other way

Yep. Just playing Boston College and not having Clemson’s missed shot ricochet in (when we had 1 day off and they had an entire week) makes us 9-5. That would be second place in the ACC right now. Virginia is currently the only team with more than 8 wins. We’re that close.


Helluva Engineer
Great game. Mike, Jose, Moses, and Jordan pretty much got whatever they wanted. The role players played nice and we got some experience for the players we will need to step up next year.
But damn the reffing was so blatantly one sided. Guess they felt bad for miami.