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How many games will GT win versus Gardner-Webb? (Assume 3 games played)

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Watch what happens when back against ACC teams. When you give up 11 to Gradener-Webb, you really are bad at pitching.
For sure, and that was in only 7 innings. Busse’s continued struggles as a starter will hopefully put an end to that experiment. Rather see King get a couple more shots.


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Our pitching boy. ☠️☠️☠️

Bats are back with a vengeance - or is GW pitching just that bad?

Both teams pitching was bad. 56% strikes for each team. But our hitting was .579. Cavemen came to play; we play much better at home and are 20-6 at home. Fortunately we have Pitt & UVa @ home.

Today's game is worth 21 RPI point for a win and -48 for a loss. We are at 52 RPI and could move into the upper 40's. GWU pitching is certainly depleted after they threw 7 in 7 IP with 180+ pitches.

Busse got lit up. We need to abolish the starter position and tell them they are going in for one time though the order. However they are being trained, our pitchers lack any durable consistency in pitching control. Busse was great in T1. The narrative that poor pitching is due to injuries hasn't held up the last two days.

Hope Finley does a lot better today. He's been rested (DH) and hopefully the bicep is getting better. And hope for no errors by us with great D plays made on top.