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I do not know if this real. But I do know that people who draft athlete in both the NBA and NFL think differently than I do. IF this is true (emphasis on if here) he would NOT be drafted by my team if I am a GM. Sounds like another Johnny manziel type to me.


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I do not know if this real. But I do know that people who draft athlete in both the NBA and NFL think differently than I do. IF this is true (emphasis on if here) he would NOT be drafted by my team if I am a GM. Sounds like another Johnny manziel type to me.
We ruined his Heisman run last year (Thanks Keion) and now we ended his college career. That’s tough.


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Apologies for the previous incomplete message…hopefully this works….

Checking in after getting in very late last night.

Just adding there was great energy in the crowd until the end and beyond. Weather and the game at night was good. A good atmosphere for all the recruits there - a big group on the sidelines pre-game. Winning helps alot with hurt feelings and keeps the fans in their seats.

The icing on the cake was watching the win with my son who just graduated from Tech, happy for him and all the students who have been thru the last 4 seasons. Really fun to beat unc again!

Savor it for a few days, then get ready for uva.


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I like how he ended the interview with a strong plug about how competitive the ACC is
This. So much this. (Along with everything else he said.)

I’m a marketing guy. And one of the most important strategies I’ve employed over the years: sell a movement, not a product.

  • Sell horseback riding - not a saddle.
  • Sell freedom and adventure - not an SUV.
  • Sell DIY home improvement - not a hardware store.
  • Sell human togetherness - not fizzy soda water.
  • Sell creativity - not a computer.
You get the idea (& probably recognize a few of the companies I just referenced).

Point being, when you sell your market, and not just your individual product, you do something important: you expand the size of your market, and you align yourself with that very thing you just sold.

So when more people than ever before think of wanting to change the faucets in their house themselves rather than call a plumber, they think of Home Depot. When people think of wanting to get out of the city in their car, they think of Jeep.

And they like those brands because of that association.

For years, the SEC did this (with the help of the talking heads at ESPN). And they had several “cheerleaders” like Finebaum pick up the mantle, and keep promoting the narrative. Until it was commonly accepted that the SEC “just means more,” and therefore TV should pay them millions more than other conferences. It became a self-licking ice cream cone.

I fully agree with what Brent Key said. Hell, when everyone else in the country was sh!tying on the Coastal as being the weakest part of the ACC “because we didn’t have a Clemson or an FSU,” I always said it was the other way around. The parity of the Coastal made it one of the best divisions in college football. It made for exciting games where anything could happen - AND the teams were good enough to go out and knock off a lot of our-of-conference foes. So I couldn’t see the logic in saying this side of the conference was weak, because it wasn’t lopsided. That was a fallacy, more often than not.

Now that Coastal Chaos has spread to the entire ACC (and now that Tech is an obvious lead agent of said chaos), I’m stoked to hear Brent Key calling it out. For us lately it hasn’t been the prettiest set of wins. But it has been damned exciting. And same goes for all the other games in the conference lately. You never know what you’re going to get when you turn on an ACC game - but you know it will be exciting, with players playing hard.

We need more people spreading that narrative. I hope to see other coaches (& analysts) pick that up. Because it’s true. And selling that movement is a great way to right the (incorrect) presumption that the ACC is a “lesser” conference than 2 others who field 1-2 good teams (who don’t play anyone of consequence) and a rabble of associated teams who don’t do much.

(Long post, sorry. I geek out on this, and was glad - and pleasantly surprised - to see it. Smart move by Key.)
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The blocked punt has been mentioned in a few posts. What I thought was particularly impressive was his technique. The kid (#18 - Abdul Janneh) didn't run directly AT the pointer. he appeared to attack a point just next to the pointer and then stick out his arm. I have never really seen this and have to assume (?) this technique is coached. If so, it's impressive as it takes the "roughing the kicker" outcome out of the equation.

I thought at the time we should have started estabilishing our run game rather than going for the knockout punch. Fortunately the ensuing turnover on the first play after the block did not affect the outcome but we remained rather flat for the duration of the entire 3rd quarter on offense.
Wasn’t Janneh it was Amari Harvey. He also had the hit that forced the fumble that saved the same later.


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Great weekend in the ATL, first time back on campus in a long-time. We came up from Jax for the Louisville game, and let me say home games on campus at Bobby-Dodd blow away the Benz !! Good crowd, not great, need more folks to show, but night games at home are abuzz, loved the fireworks as the team entered the field. Props to the student body they showed-up and were active and loud. The post-game on-field celebration, even though against NCAA rules was awesome and worth whatever fine is coming, IMO.

Our OL has come a long way, no longer a weakness. Our weakness on run defense is mostly the cause of our LB's, they are not creating a second line of defense and are at times non-existent. When the DL plugs a hole or makes an initial hit the RB bounces off and is into the secondary. Big congrats to Donte Smith, not sure what the issue was with him not playing earlier but having him back is a huge plus for our offense.

As has probably been said, the UVA game next weekend is huge. Win 2IAR, build momentum and confidence and the last 3 games are all up for grabs.

GO Jackets !!!