Future of GT

Atomic Jacket

There is no way Johnson will hire an OC. His offense is so unique that no one except him or his former assistants would understand how to call plays, and they already have jobs at Navy and Army.


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North Shore, Chicago
Johnson won't hire an OC to call plays because no one knows this system as well as he does. He could hire an OC to run the offense, but he will always call the plays. Frankly, I wouldn't want it any other way. His ability to modify on-the-fly is what has made him so successful over the years. I think he's going to look back at the season come back next year with a better approach than he had this year.

The day he hires someone else to call plays, I want a new head coach.


Helluva Engineer
He could hire an OC. I'm sure we have a shot at Irvin Jasper if we gave him play calling and a pay bump. I don't think he will though. PJ likes calling the O.


Helluva Engineer
I like Johnson but my optimism has faded the last few years about us making a run at a national championship. I still feel like we can make runs at the ACC title every few years which ain't to bad considering the academic restrictions we face. I know this would never happen but I feel like Johnson would be more successful as offensive coordinator. Let someone else worry about the stuff he doesn't like and put all his knowledge totally in the offense.