Film Study - Offense vs GSU


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Thank you for saying that. We won't know what we have for another two games. We have looked very fast and I think we fast. But fast is relative to who you are playing and won't be shown till we see the AB & QBs versus VT and Miami.

If VT is successful in blowing up the OL again this year and getting penetration to stop lateral movement, JT's speed won't matter. But maybe his arm will give them problems with that very fast throwing motion / release. Do you think his fast release is going to or has given the D's some problems? Just a second less for the DBs to have to react.
I think his quickness and speed will matter regardless of who we play. That doesn't guarantee wins but it's something every DC will have to deal with. Everybody talks about the blindside hit against Miami last year, but he also was able to escape pressure against them too and turn a potential loss into positive yards. Miami defenders aren't slow.


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Boomer - I haven't seen anything for NCAA ball which was part of the reason I asked. I was curious if you or some of the other guys were using a service to get better.more angles and if so I wanted to figure out how to do it too!