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It's always possible that Jorg, Tadric, Samson, and Lammers will step right into the shoes left by Trae, Morris, Miller and Holsey. Possible. Maybe we get another guy to fill Solo's shoes or another big for depth.

Regardless, I've seen enough to think it's possible that we turn it around but also enough to think that it's more likely that our offense will always under-perform.

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I'm no sold he will survive next year... I think the team is going to struggle next year...

They will absolutely struggle next year. Don't say that on scouts though, undying optimism is the only way to be. CBG has been coaching 11 years. Made the NCAAT 2x. He is what he is at this point. I thought it was a brutal hire from the start, next year there is still no shooting! We are breaking in a frosh point coming off a knee injury! replacing a ACC 3rd teamer C with a freshman..................that's coming off a knee injury. We are replacing one of the best 6th men in the conference with a guy who played well in CUSA. Anyone remember what Brandon Reed was when he arrived at Tech? A-Sun player of the year as a frosh getting 16 ppg. The ACC is a totally different animal.

Tadric has to be a world beater next year for us to win more than 14 games. I expect BBC to have a great season, outside that. psh.


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@Peacone36 I hear you. I've never posted on Scout but have always heard it's highly filtered. There's nothing wrong with trying to keep a positive environment but I think you have to allow legit discussion even when the topic turns to discussing the state of one of our struggling programs.

That's one of the things that makes this site the best out there. We have the freedom to not agree with something and, as long as it's not profane or totally unproductive, we're allowed leeway to vent and/or discuss.

On next year, we need some pretty extraordinary things to go our way to avoid a season similar to this past year. We really need to be led by our big 3 (MGH, BBCarter and Bolden). Success on the NCAA level is usually heavily led by guard play. Well, we don't have an experienced, lead guard so we'll have to rely on the 3 I mentioned to play at a high level each night. Like you said, we also need Jackson to hit the ground running to provide scoring punch. We also need Sampson to come in ACC-ready. We also need better, more precise execution which I imagine will come from work in the off-season, practice, etc. IOW we need the coaching staff to be more impactful (i.e. coach better).

Will all these things happen? Possibly. Will they all happen at the same time enough for us to progress to a postseason worthy team? I'm a fan so I'm hopeful.