Congrats to Joe Hamilton!!


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Just know that if you haven't commented or liked the OP then I don't consider you a GT fan :)

In Alvin, SC at Kinlow's Barbara Shop, they still discuss if Joe is the best in Hell Hole Swamp and old Macedonia High School. Sterling Sharpe (who was inducted to the HOF this year also.) and Courtney Brown have their share of fans. Pierson Prioleau and Harvey Middleton were pretty good players also.

I know Joe was the best, because I am a GT fan, but I like Harvey Middleton also.


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Joe is my favorite Jacket ever. I am beyond thrilled for him! I also admit I got a little misty eyed when I watched his reaction to getting inducted. Way to go Joe Ham!!!


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The blonde is Courtney Keck... her role is "Player Development Coordinator"

She usually hosts recruits on visits and shows them around...she's a very nice girl and a good person to have on our side.


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I have really, really enjoyed watching three Tech players in my time: Billy Lothridge, Rock Perdoni, and Joe Hamilton. Congratulations and really well deserved!


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Joe Hamilton was, without a doubt, one of the toughest players I've ever watched play. The physical beatings he took against FSU were nothing short of horrific yet he kept playing and battling to the clock read :00. There is no doubt he should have won the Heisman and his HOF award is richly deserved!


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Watching some of his highlights surrounding this induction just reminded me how much touch he had on the deep ball and how crisp his footwork and execution was. The guy just looked like he was in charge. It also reminded me how far we currently are (and have been since his departure) from having a player like him at that position. If we ever get a guy who can run the option like Joe could and put the tear drop in the bucket 40+ yards down field after reading the defense correctly, like he so consistently did, there will be no stopping us.

We have been deprived so long of an accurate QB, that we started to feel like Vad WAS an accurate passer. Go back again and look at Li'l Joe's feet in the pocket and watch his throws. Then go watch Nesbitt, Tevin, and Vad. Each of these three young men did great things for TECH, but none of them could hold a candle to Joe.


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Nobody is more deserving. His interview spoke volumes to who he is. If you're reading, congratulations Joe and thank you for loving GT so much.


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Admittingly being a recent tech fan since matriculating in 2009, I was too young to really see Joe Ham play. I have watched the few highlights there are of him on YouTube and they are incredible. Let me just say I am so jealous of you guys that got to see a guy like him on the Flats. The closest I've ever seen to someone like that was Calvin and that really was an honor even though I was a neutral college football fan when Calvin played.