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Here is what the grading of Jemea looks like (for S and DB):

Started all 27 games last 2 seasons. 2013: Started all 13 games. Led team with 88 tackles, 8 PBU. Tied for team lead with 2 INTs. 2012: Started all 14 games. Led team in INT (4). 2011: Played in all 13 games, starting 2. Tied for team lead with 3 INTs. Returned 3 punts (10.3 yards per return). 2010: Redshirted. 2009: Served as backup to Morgan Burnett (Packers) at rover position. High School: Class AA first-team all-state selection in Georgia.
Very strong pound-for-pound. Sacrifices his body and shows up well in the run game. Takes good angles and understands run-game fits. Carries a very quiet confidence. Mentally and physically tough and seeks contact. Good short-area zone awareness -- is best moving forward and reacting to the thrown ball in front of him. Experienced, four-year starter. Commands respect from teammates. Very durable and has played through injuries and never missed any time. Hardworking and accountable.
Is stiff-hipped, short-armed and undersized with a frame that looks maxed out at less than 200 pounds. Gives up some ground and allows separation in man coverage vs. quickness. Easily mismatched by size vs. tight ends. Average range -- lacks desirable length and fluidity to patrol the back end. Hands are iffy. Regarded by some teams as too much of a tweener.
Bottom Line
A tough, downhill box safety who plays bigger than his size. Hip inflexibility could relegate him to a situational nickel-safety role initially, yet possesses the toughness, competitiveness and football temperament to earn his way onto the field.

Overall grade 5.15. Only saw two or three players over 6 with most of the top performers in the 5 - 6 range total grade.

I think there negatives are overstating things. This was the same guy that played man to man on the best WR in the draft (Watkins) and shut him down. He also shut down the number 1 TE in the draft from UNC and yet they say he can't cover TE's. I think his hips are solid, not a weakness, but not amazing either. His hands are pretty good. He has good ball skills which is hard to coach, that should be a positive. His negatives boil down to two things, less than ideal size and doesn't have elite top end speed. Instincts are off the charts.


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Man if Jemea is considered stiff-hipped, then I just watched the worst crop of DBs during field drills. I felt the same @babuka about the weaknesses almost to the point of that it was reach.

I would be shocked if Jemea isn't drafted. This crop of DBs were not that impressive. The 4.55 was avg, but couple that with 37 vert, 10' 5" broad jump then we see how explosive he really is. Let's not forget that film is what will Jemea drafted not the 40


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I think Robinson is getting too much hype...Matthews is way better in my mind.
Agree completely here. I was estatic as I watched Robinson in the combine. He's definitely above Matthews now. We get the better prospect if we go OL at 6.

I also don't buy Lewan from Michigan.


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I think Jemea is a better safety prospect than CB. It's better to be labeled a Safety that can drop down and play CB than a CB who may have to get moved to Safety. Perception is different.

No gold-colored lenses, but both Jemea and Attaochu will surprise. Both will gems. Jemea will be a special teams dynamo as well.