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According to ESPN Franklin offered by Penn St.
I wouldn't take thay job if I were him.


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My issue is the education of the players, or in it looks like lack of education of most of these players while in college. Passing them through when they are barely literate. Admitting kids that have not reached the level of being competent to matriculate through college. That's what is disgusting to me.
These colleges using these kids athletic ability for their benefit without even attempting to get these kids educated and your in the business of education.

Education is but a side note......not wanting to go off topic, but the B10 university my wife teaches at gets rid of great classroom educators all the time because the don't publish enough or bring in enough research dollars to get tenure. At the same time they keep unionize adjuncts that are worthless because the HR department says it will be too much trouble to try to fire them.

Same mentality exists in the sports departments. When I was being recruited many many years ago, the first thing I was told was to change my desired major to make it easier to play football. in there minds, football was #1 and what you wanted to do for the next 50 years should take a back seat. Turned me off big time...which is one reason I ended up at Tech (and giving up playing)

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Helluva Engineer
Any chance that Monken takes Sewak to Army with him? I'm not a Sewak basher but given the heat in the GT kitchen, it might be an interesting move.


Helluva Engineer
I know what people will say with his skeletons but Petrino is a huge hire for Louisville imo. He will have them competing in the upper echelon of the ACC every year.