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Those damn East German women!

(Youngins may need to look up the 1976 Montreal Olympics for context)

...... there are some interesting current day parallels. Not making a comment one way or the other, just an observation.

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@AugustaJacket its his fault…

I spoke about a political party, people on this thread speak about a regional people and I’m on probation!? I’m edited? Ha…..censorship. Strange.
As a general rule, I would prefer to not litter the boards with back and forths. The warning sent your way was not @AugustaJacket operating in a vacuum. You’ve been around this board far too long to believe that. What you said was wrong, the message on why the mods (and common sense demanded) was clearly delivered.

The purpose of this site is to provide an online presence for people to discuss GT and the affiliated and associated topics that come with her.

We have, before I became a Mod (but certainly after I joined the site) started to move political discourse to a segmented section of the community. For good reason. People have become more and more comfortable with this divisive idea of “me vs you” (absent the reality of the physical world). As that has matured, conversation has been stymied by the tribalism that exists inside the thoughts of (I’ll never; you wouldn’t; they can’t).

IMHO, it has been hastened with the abstraction of words from individuals (because of anonymous internet posts) and has continued into political discussion about victimization and the importance of adjusting norms which were previously demanded by the vocal (maybe majority) and accepted by the disgruntled (maybe minority).

So let’s just try, at least on this site, to argue merit of the position; strength of the suggestion or confidence in the foundations of a guess.
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Ah man, that's messed up ...

(heading off to look at the WVU roster 'n recruits to see who GT can poach...)

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So, which transfers would we want?

RaeQuan Battle has one year left (if he gets the multi-transfer waiver). Yes.
Jesse Edwards also one year left. I would take him in a NY minute to give our young guy time to develop. But he went to WVU for the NIL money. Would he leave now???
Kerr Kriisa is not a great shooter, but he can really play. Do we really need another PG who can't hit treys?
Jose Perez has been in college for five years as an honor student. Did not play last year.
Omar Silverio wasn't going to start at WVU. No.


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With this and the comments he made recently, I think I might have gathered a crew of his friends and family and had an intervention. I’d be stunned if this was a one-off situation. Huggins needs to clean up, and a good stint in rehab could do him good.

Even if the AD thinks he can clean up and put himself together, it might be fiduciary duty to fire him now.