#CAMP14 What did we find out?


Helluva Engineer
To me the most encouraging thing has been the A back position. Two things seem to be happening:

1. Experience is showing out. Has always seemed like it takes a long time for a player to earn PT at A back no matter how talented he is. Orwin couldn't do it as a freshman despite not redshirting. How long did it take Godhigh to emerge? Guys need to know where to go so they can play fast and instinctively, and blocking shifty DBs takes technique and experience.

2. Some individuals have come to play. Bostic is getting recongnition for blocking. Perkins is lighter, quicker, and more productive. Zenon has been producing. Deon Hill is healthy. Synjyn can produce some crushing blocks and is likely more polished all around. Don't sleep on Andrews either....he may make some noise before the season is over.

I'd been worried about someone stepping up to fill Robbie's shoes. Much less concerned now.

  • JT looks very calm running triple, is showing better ball security, and looks like he's playing within himself.
  • Like how the competition at C will help us be strong up the middle
  • Feel OK with B back back ups with Conners, Leggett, & Synjyn.
  • Like the emergence of Dominique Noble as a physical presence. S looks strong and that's a great place to be strong.


Helluva Engineer
I am optimistic, but only because I am optimistic about every season due to the fact that I bleed White and Gold. However, this season I am taking an even keel approach. I personally will have a better idea of what type of team this is after our 4th or 5th game. And even then there is no surety of how the season will unfold

This team has a tremendous upside factor. But only time will tell on whether that factor goes North or South.

I am encouraged by the positive remarks I continue to read. But I will feel better once I see it on the field.


Helluva Engineer
I hate to get too high, or too low, prior to the start of a new season; but this season I guess I am "cautiously optimistic". I realize we're coming in with what some people might consider an "inexperienced" QB tandem, however, both Justin Thomas and Tim Byerly have played some on Saturdays and seem much better suited for our style of offense than Vad Lee, and in all honesty, when HE took over for Tevin Washington, and when Tevin Washington took over for Josh Nesbitt, they, too, had limited over and the Jackets survived.

Regarding losing our top rushers from last season (Godhigh and Sims), we've also been through THAT several times in the past (Dwyer, etc.) and our rushing offense has kept on trucking. When our offense lost our staring Wide Receivers (Thomas, Hill, etc.), again, we've found someone to step up (Smelter). The same with our Offensive Line. (You get the message).

Defensively, we lost Michael Johnson, Jeremiah Attaochu stepped in. Lose a LB, pick up a LB. Lose a safety or Corner, pick up one. Again, I think you get the message.

So coming into this Fall, I just have the feeling our offense is going to be better than expectd by the so-called "experts," and our defense is going to build on last year's improvement from the Groh fiasco, and we'll actually see a jump up to the point they can actually win some games for us instead of lose them.

While we play UGA and VA Tech away, they both, basically have new QB's coming in with new starting QB's (Mason has 2 starts) and our other "tough" games (i.e. Miami and Duke - ha) are at home.

So, looking at our opponents, it appears many of them have some "issues" coming into this Fall as well, and to me, I have to look at the fact that they'll be playing many new players against us, which seems to benefit our offense (for the most part) more than it benefits their offenses, especially later in the season, when our schedule is more difficult.

Therefore, I just have a feeling that things are going to be better than most people expect this coming season.


Ramblin' Wreck
Fired up for this season but my biggest take is that GT is setting up nicely for the following 2 years.
Lot of 1st time starters/contributers this year with minimal playing time
Thomas, C Griffin, Burden, Freeman, Marcordes, Stargel, Kallon, Gamble, Austin's, etc..
They all look good for this year but the team is really setting up nice for the following two seasons at every position but A-Back.


Helluva Engineer
Good comments,LD.
The most important was the "few fumbles" mention.The last practice with no lost fumbles was amazing .That was a BIG concern with a new QB and ctr.
The other VITAL point-no real injuries.If certain guys go down ,we will really be hurting.See Dook,2 key guys gone and their season is looking rough.


Helluva Engineer
I think the main thing is in Glenn's post. Everybody in our division has holes in either the experience or talent of their skill players. Just like we do. I'm also pretty sure we'll answer the bell on O. Same old, same old: top 5 in rushing, ~33 points a game, you know, the usual.

And, as usual, the main concern will be the D, especially the DL. If we can avoid major injuries - we're bound to have some minor ones - and play 6 - 7 DLs a game, then I don't think our D will be worse then it was last year. We may not have as many sacks, but I'm betting that having a healthy crew of good DBs will help there as well as another year's experience.

But, as I've said before, why think when you can run the experiment? We'll know soon enough.

AE 87

Helluva Engineer
I'm more optimistic about our O, but my concerns over DL and so D overall are still there. If we can hold our first three opponents to under 10, 14, I'll feel better.


Helluva Engineer
Boise, Idaho
Also catching some of the enthusiasm ... glad I joined the site, thanks for that !
For me I'll look for two things early on that will be an indicator;
1) Offensive diversity in play calling, especially on 3rd down
2) Defensive pass rush, no matter how good the secondary plays, we have to put pressure on the QB