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#CAMP14 What did we find out?

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by Longestday, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. Longestday

    Longestday Helluva Engineer Featured Member

    Camp Revalations

    • Zenon looks to be the A-Back that has stepped up.
    • Leggett is a player and looks to avoid a redshirt in 2014 as depth for BB
    • Garry Brown has what it takes to make the 2 deep and may have his redshirt burnt if we need someone else at Guard.
    • Klock could have his shirt burned depending on how things continue to play out at OT.
    • Marshall could be the backup center allowing some shifting on the line. I would say this is unlikely, but possible.
    • At least one and maybe both of the twins also look to avoid a redshirt and at least one will make the 2 deep at CB.
    • Simmons and Freeman look to have skills we need to make a difference.
    • Days is going to be a backup "injury watch" for BB at a minimum. Not confirmed from camp, but I suspect he is our BB blocker/pass blocker.
    • Passing and receptions look better for 2014. We heard a lot more about passing this year than in 2013. Keep in mind I am indicating camp reports about passing, not fans imagining passing for 2013. Also recall, the one famous pass reception in 2013 was by Byerly.
    • There will be a hurry up scheme available for use as needed. I expect to see this in use during limited time situations or if the offense is having difficulty getting down the field
    • 2013 fall camp had a serious fumble issue. This year seems much better.
    • Starting OT still looks to be Chamberlin. I am imagining he has improved and look forward to see him play at a higher level in 2014.
    • We have 2 sure enough QB's. CPJ knows what he doing and I look forward to seeing how he uses both.
    • DeVine has improved his stamina to stay in the game.

    Add your own...
  2. GTNavyNuke

    GTNavyNuke Helluva Engineer Featured Member

    CPJ didn't complain about a single practice where there wasn't good effort this year (that I recall). Previous years always had him grousing several times.

    Butker can still kick (not a revelation).
    There will be at least two good returner options - Golden and then a Fr whose name I don't remember. But the Fr got several comments about a week ago
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  3. Sean311

    Sean311 Helluva Engineer

    I think you mean Qua Searcy..Pj seems very confident in this team to me.
  4. TechnicalPossum

    TechnicalPossum Helluva Engineer

    • We have more freshman players than freshman projects.
    • JT's throwing looks better than anticipated.
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  5. Eric

    Eric Retired Co-Founder Staff Member

    I'm more excited about this team than I have been since 09...can't wait to see what happens.
  6. 00Burdell

    00Burdell Helluva Engineer

    I'm encouraged to hear about all the freshmen who are too good to redshirt. At this rate, given how good this year's recruiting is going, this could be a recurring "problem." :)
  7. jayparr

    jayparr Helluva Engineer

    A truly great post!! Thanks very much for the good read!
  8. iceeater1969

    iceeater1969 Helluva Engineer

    Thanks for summary!
    ( for future discussion) I wonder how the plays were called in the scrimmage verses the past with head coach on sidelines ? Are we getting more right handed - didn't mason switch sides ?

    I am excited as well - If we can let first three games develop depth and finish strong, we could even improve the 2015 recruiting class! That would last for many years.

    Next biggie= how much would a strong showing in Blacksburg be!
  9. Bule

    Bule Helluva Engineer

    Also we have found out blocking appears to be much better this year, especially by AB position and WR position. Also I think our OL pass blocking is slowly improving.
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  10. Northeast Stinger

    Northeast Stinger Helluva Engineer

    If it is possible for a football camp and scrimmage to answer nagging questions about a team then this one certainly went a long way toward doing that. Things that could happen this season that are not out of the realm of possibility.
    • Justin Thomas has a field day against at least one opponent this year that can't contain his speed and he picks up over 200 yards on the ground.
    • Smelter scores three touchdowns in a game.
    • The opposing team kicks away from Jamal Golden and Qua Searcy breaks a big one killing the other teams morale.
    • One of the Austin twins jumps a route and gets a pick six.
    • A-backs put up dizzying numbers in multiple games.
    • The secondary forces 4 turnovers in one game.
    • The offense returns to the mean and the defense avoids the kind of break-downs that wiped out 14 wins over the last 6 seasons.
    I mean, just while we are drinking the Kool Aid we might as well keep going. Camp was very encouraging.
  11. Whiskey_Clear

    Whiskey_Clear Banned

    This does not bode well for the fans of 20 play death marches:D
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  12. dressedcheeseside

    dressedcheeseside Helluva Engineer

    All you guys missed the most obvious.

    "We're getting back to what we do."

    It ain't just a line. Matter of fact, we're already way better at "what we do" that we were last year. 7 or 8 plays run to perfection. Blocking schemes will vary to throw off the defense. Nothing fancy and I like it.
  13. danny daniel

    danny daniel Helluva Engineer

    DL is still a depth/injury concern but this group is playing well. I do not see a depth problem with the DEs because the top four are bunched up in performance and we have LBs who can play there in an emergency. Unfortunately we do not have the big bodies for DT depth, but the top four are performing well. Maybe with a little luck four is all we need with a little situational help from D3 or extensive use of a 3 man line in obvious passing downs. IMO the DL came out of camp better than we went in.
  14. LibertyTurns

    LibertyTurns Helluva Engineer

    Does the "fast break" offense create the opportunity for 20 play "death marches" or does the fear of death by a thousand cuts open the door for quick strikes? Either way it's a beautiful thing when this offense is firing on all cylinders.
  15. Stinger90

    Stinger90 Helluva Engineer

    Will not take away from all the good posts except to say, I'm glad that we made it without any serious injuries.
  16. ybeenormal

    ybeenormal Helluva Engineer

    You forgot one..... We beat FSU in the acc championship game by 3 scores and enter the first playoff undefeated
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  17. MidtownJacket

    MidtownJacket Helluva Engineer

    My biggest takeaways include most of what was above plus a few more:

    + We have had the depth (and ability) to see some of the starters get time off during camp - Awesome for the baby jackets to get reps and for the senior boys to have some rest
    + Am looking forward to watching wrinkles of the TO again.. With the return to basics I think CPJ is better able to capitalize on D Tendencies during the game and make better in game adjustments to blocking, splits, etc
    + ZL looks hungry and ready to rock, CJ sounds like he is taking it seriously, Days has the potential to be an impact player - BBacks looking good this year
    + Smelter is going to have a standout year. I can feel it.
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  18. 33jacket

    33jacket Helluva Engineer

    hurry up is legit and will help us in 2 min as well...this could win 1 game this year; in fact it could also wear the crap out of defenses

    return of the death march...mark it down.

    JT is better than WE ALL THINK we know.

    I think the secondary is going to be REALLY good if we can manufacture an ounce of pressure
  19. iceeater1969

    iceeater1969 Helluva Engineer

    Sent this post to Texas AGGIE friend. He said their koolaid tastes good too!

    I believe this will be a great year.

    Stay fired up as we will finish strong!!
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  20. ramblinzach

    ramblinzach Georgia Tech Fan

    Y'all's optimism is starting to rub off on me and I am seriously ready for some football...
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