Butt Hurt at VT


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"16 points against that undersized poor talent ridden defense of GTs is pitiful. It starts with beamer and he just isn't a good coach anymore, time for a change"

"Sorry but continuing to place blame on coaches that either aren't here anymore or in a different position is what's ignorant. This is the worst prepared VT team I have ever seen. It starts at the top and always has. Beamer has always been the one to blame. Whether you like it or not it's time for him to go unless you're fine with him driving the program into an abyss that we'll never be able to get out of."

"GT had turnovers and the VT offense scored on fluke plays
Defense got their *** kicked and gave up 27 points -didnt see any offensive players on the field when GT scored points
You are attempting to make excuses."

"Got nickname for the O line. The Diaper Dandies. The only thing they can stop is baby ****."

"Just walked in the [email protected]#king door....f*$k the coaches....they need to donate their weeks pay to the humane society cause their relatives need some care...Bonner...WTF....Wang...WTF...play calling WTF....defensive coverage...WTF...O-line....WTF....recruiting weekend.....screwed the Pooch.....AGAIN....time to drink to excess....all of the fuc%ing penalties...this is a young team"

"No spin can put enough lipstick on the pig we saw today. Awful coaching...just awful. All the coaches on the post game doing mea culpas"

"I really think that we're going to become a "basketball school" in the near future"

"Instead of a score prediction thread next week, can we predict how many times we'll make Western Michigan look like a million bucks?"

"I have only one word.
It isn't even a word. But that's how I feel right now."

"I knew ECU was going to be a tough out but didn't think we'd struggle this much and eventually lose to GT. UVA (surprisingly) looking good and GT undefeated."

"As far as I'm concerned, this season's ceiling is over. 6 wins and a bowl gam if that. I'm calling it."



Helluva Engineer
Atlanta, Georgia
I've seen people say "Take away those three interceptions and we win the game! Unbelievable." Well... yeah. That's part of the game.

Can't wait for the It's Meltdown Time collection this upcoming Monday.

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Come on guys ! we've been there too. It hurts to lose ,especially like that . Remember last year ? Seemed like every game we lost was like that . Its fun to have a great rivalry with another " Tech " , and feels soooo good when we get the W.


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Sort of like GTSportstalk after a win. :confused:

No, this is GTSportsTalk after a win.



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I am kind of curious if Bud Foster thinks he has some kind of weakness on his defense. He played a completely different scheme from what he's played the past 2-3 years against us.


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One of their posters said:
This game could have easily been a blow out.

But it's the same daggum story every year. Defense plays good enough to win but the offense stinks. I thought this was the year that it would all come together. I was so wrong it is not funny. Not sure what's going on in Brewer's head but he's not seeing the field at all.

I guess he did not see the two touchdowns that we left on the field with big passes and did not consider that crap fumble recovery TD by Brewer to be as lucky as I did. Throw in the junk penalty on Hill that erased another one and the margin of victory could have been even bigger.