Boomergump's CFB Playoff Proposal


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I am not sure that the new system would be much of an improvement over the BCS format this year. We would probably get Iron Bowl 2 with a FSU vs Baylor / MSU match up. The Iron Bowl has already been played, that would be crap. MSU or Baylor and maybe others would *****. This is what we need:

All 10 conference champions and the highest ranked independent play off ( I would not be opposed to saying just 10 conference champs alone, forcing independents to join one). If you are not a champion of your conference, don't even talk to me, regardless of record. Current computer rankings are used to seed the bracket. 1,2,3,4,5 seeds get first round bye. A week after conference championship games 6 vs 11, 7 vs 10, and 8 vs 9 contest play in games at the higher seeds home field. The next weekend 1 vs 8/9 winner, 2 vs 7/10 winner, 3 vs 6/11 winner, 4 vs 5 are played at higher seeds home field (I could support using neutral locations at formerly early bowl games. They would probably love it because their games wouldn't be nearly as irrelevant). On New Years Day the semis are played at a rotating formerly BCS bowl location. The next Monday (at least 7 days away) the Natty is decided on a rotating basis at a formerly BCS bowl location.

Among the many benefits: It will minimize the scheduling of patsies to pad records because a seat in the bracket is not dependent on final record, but rather conference champions. Teams would be way more likely to schedule good match ups outside the conference to get them prepared, or increase the number of conference games played each year. It will virtually eliminate media bias and the influence of television contracts in the outcome of a champion. Obviously, the bias will influence the seeding somewhat, but not a seat at the table.


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I agree with this for the most part. I agree with only allowing conference champions except for one caveat. If those conference champions aren't in the top 25 (undefeated and not top 25 would trump this rule regardless of SOS) then they can be replaced with a wild card team. It'd do no good to have a playoff not including a top 5 team. This will usually give the SEC another team in the playoff, but until they show they are not worthy of having 2 teams in the playoffs then they should get it as much as I hate their dominance.

Two things I think we can all agree on:
1) We need to stop accommodating Notre Dame and their stupid independence. If they want to be relevant join a conference. There's plenty of teams with just as much history who have fallen in with the system.
2) This needs to be a decision independent of bowl games. While the bowls are not exactly governed by the NCAA, the reason we don't have playoffs is so they can continue to make money. That's insane, who cares about chik-fil-a? It's the GD Peach Bowl and always will be. Do they think less people eat their chicken when we call it by its historical name???


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The main part I don't particularly like about this is those teams that don't win their conferences but are easily superior to a currently non-AQ conference champion. For instance, take Ugag last year. As well as they played Bama, would you still say that the team that won the Sun Belt or the Mountain West is more deserving of the spot? What I would propose is a system based on that of the NFL playoffs, which everyone know how they work. The ranking system could uses some adjustments, maybe moving to a system comparable to the Total QBR system, in terms of how points are distributed, obviously with different variables such as strength of schedule and quality of wins.

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You can't have conf champs playing 17 games, imo.

4 highest ranked conf champs or an independent in the top 4.


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I think an 8 team playoff is best. Would be nice if we could just have 8 conferences with 16 teams a piece. And then conference champions go at it. I think an easier transition would be the big 5 champions and 3 at larger picks. 2 Teams max from one conference.