Another Playoff Proposal


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Exactly. There is too much of "does this team pass the eye test" going on right now that plays a huge part in the largely subjective rankings. A great example from this year is Florida, who was ranked top 10 preseason (mostly because pollsters favor teams from certain conferences and place too much emphasis on program history rather than the current state of the program). Two weeks into the season they lose at Miami. The polls after that week had Miami jumping from unranked to 15 and Florida dropping to 3 spots below them at 18. We all know that both of these teams would go on to have disappointing second halves of their respective seasons making it clear that preseason rankings are a joke (look at 2012 preseason champion USC, eventual loser to GT in the sun bowl). I'm sure we all could think of countless examples of things like this happening but UF came to mind.

Back to the "eye test" thing (ie. playing the game on paper). Who would have thought that FCS Georgia Southern would come into the swamp and beat preseason top 10 Florida? There is a reason we play the games. Rankings (especially preseason rankings) are way too big of a factor right now.
Well stated.