all signed players from 2008-2015:


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This thread is my conceived reason for Tech being a razor edged season of losses and wins. The razor edged situations such as balls hitting off helments, very timely penalties, fumbles, interceptions, and rain. my own classified number of these players by great-good-average-below average. Compiled by what I conceived as contribution on the field and the btm if they did not play while on roster,transferred, or played but only achieved the ranking. No names given out unless you want to know the great ones. You should by reading this understand why I call our seasons a razors edge meaning wins and losses are USUALLY by balls bouncing off helmets, a timely costly penalty, a fumble, an interception, or a bad punt, field goal attempt or whatever else that can be a razor edge incident. The reason is my overall compilation of the signees. Coaches, administration, facilities, small fan base can all be in this reasoning. So here it is my classification which includes the years of 2008-2015. GREAT players=8 good=21 average = 39 below average= 94

Presenting a data-driven argument to a bunch of Tech fans without presenting the actual breakdown of the data (i.e. a table showing the player with their associated ranking) is not going to end well...


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I would only name those top 8 for a very good reason which is only my own. I am only showing people this to help understand why a ball bouncing of a couple of helmets or rain could actually be the reason we lose or win. If those did not happen we would have won, but it happened so we lost. How much rain did we get during the season I may ask. How many of those did we BARELY loose? Now that should clarify your issue!