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Used to be players took insurance policies against something like that. Now they just break their commitment to their team. No big deal.
There are several types of insurance policies generally out there. One is catastrophic injury insurance (which I think is provided for by the NCAA and not paid for by the student-athletes or the schools), one is the Exceptional Student-Athlete Disability Insurance Program (not available to as many people as you might think - among the qualifications is eligibility for the upcoming draft and a reasonable expectation that you could be chosen within the first 2 rounds of the NFL or NHL draft or the first round of the NBA draft), and the other is loss of value insurance. The latter is VERY expensive and can be EXTREMELY hard to collect on because of how many conditions are usually put on those policies. Apparently very few athletes take out those policies. The catastrophic injury insurance is really there to make sure the student-athlete has access to enough money to cover the healthcare aspect of the injury and recovery and, potentially, some of the ongoing expenses (though there are limits). My point is that the insurance policies aren't that great, though better than nothing, of course.

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I must be the most naive guy around. When this game was first announced, I thought FSU would want to show the world they belonged in the big show by beating Georgia.

We might benefit from this foolishness one day. With the right culture and not as many superstars as some programs, we might have most of our starters on the field.

I hated yesterday for the league and who they were playing, but how would you feel if you were a big FSU fan?

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The heavyweights are just getting started.
So, you're saying the ACC is sitting this one out.

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Just a quick perusal of social media this morning and I am stunned, stunned, I tell you, that the average SEC fan believes FSU was no more disadvantaged than uga in the Orange Bowl and the outcome demonstrates that uga is the number one team in the country that happened to have an unlucky break against Bama. Among uga fans none seem to have even noticed what Kirby Smart said.

This is a shocking development 😐