8 Days Until Kickoff!!!

danny daniel

Helluva Engineer
Yes, they will. There is one coach with a specific job of yelling "get back" to the entire sideline both players and coaches.

Yes. And every referee that comes by will shout "get back" also. There will usually not be any penalty unless someone interferes with the play or gets verbally abusive with an official. Sideline "cows" tend to continually "graze" toward a better view throughout the game and especially on a long play on the home side. Human nature!

Wrecking Ball

Ramblin' Wreck
This season reminds me of 2011 in some ways. Remember we lost Nesbitt and people didn't have a lot of optimism with Tevin... Until he came out and started with 5 of the best passing games in CPJ's tenure which opened our offense up in a huge way.

JT will open up the offense with arms and legs and, in my opinion, Smelter/Waller is more lethal combo than Hill/Melton.