8/9 Georgia Tech Scrimmage


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C as in Crushing? Inside the three, we won't pass. But with SD, Laskey and two fast ABs, we should be able to score with ease.

SD has fumbled a lot. Think he and the coaches don't know it? I would think he has worked on some things and the coaches have confidence in him or they would be wasting valuable snaps on him.

One of his fumble last year he go hit so hard I was surprised his shoes didn't come off. Part of the "problem" is that he doesn't shy away from contact and gets big hits. But he also gives a lot of pain too.
I was talking to Daniel Drummond last summer before the season started and I asked him who was the toughest person to bring down on the team, he said Synjyn hands down. He said "I hate trying to tackle that guy, he's a f#%#n beast!"


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How many series did the ones have and how many scores... I know of 2 field goals (one missed field goal) and one TD. I know of one fumble and one interceptions for the ones.

Anyone have the pass attempts / pass completes?

I will say I remember last year the offense had several series of fumbles and 3 and outs to start the scrimmage. I also remember CPJ yelling "give me another QB" at one point.


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My brother and I also put Roddy to the test by having him provide an answer to a question on a specific offensive situation where we wondered if the QB would have an option to throw the ball away or not (according to the rules). He both educated us and showed his chops at some quick analysis.

Also this is a pic of some amusing interaction between Shamire Devine and a young fan. After getting to hold his helmet and check out how big and heavy it was the dad asked Shamire to pose for a pic with his son by lining up. I didn't quite catch the kid in position but when asked what he would do if he lined up and saw Shamire facing him like that the boy said "run straight off the field." This kid is already smart enough to go to Tech! Those are a couple of anecdotes showing the calibre of young men, as student-athletes, that Tech is blessed with.

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Different kid, same idea.



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When a player at this level goes back home and goes to his old high school game- he says. Wow, this is so slow. Our offense at this time is alittle slow, however, the option is an 11 man game, and it will be smooth and quick as we go thru each week. If 11 guys run it- you will not stop it! Give them time, or as it was once said - "build it and they will come"!


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I was heartened by what I saw Saturday. I saw an offense that had a direction and was ahead of where it was this time last year. If we continue to progress, we'll make a bunch of media types that cover the ACC look like chumps.

I think our defense is going to surprise some people. We'll see. Can't wait to start.
I sure hope you are right.