70 Years of GT Football – Odds of Getting a Better Coach Than CPJ


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If PJ cannot improve his results in the next year or 2, I cannot see GT keeping him.

With that said, I will always believe (and have stated many times) if he could recruit on both sides of the ball talent withing 20-25% of what the factories have, he could win and win big. Problem is, in my opinion, his recruiting is more at the 35-45% below what the factories have. Yes, based on the average star rating, it looks pretty comparable to his predecessor, but it is my belief that the 3-stars that PJ has attracted, in general, are the ones lower on the 3-star scale, and especially at the O skill positions and DL. AND, unfortunately for PJ, not many of his few 4-star guys have worked out at all.

Probably the best recruit obtained during PJ's era just got drafted by the Chargers, and everyone knows that CAG had a big hand in landing him.

I think PJ will always overachieve with what he has to work with, but for him to get us out of mediocrity, he must attract more to work with, in my opinion.