3-2 or 4-1 Perspective


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I don't know. Bobinski is here and none of us know what his expectations are. Imo I love CPJ and want so badly for him to succeed here. CPJ is going to be successful whether its here or somewhere else. He is a very good coach.

Unbiased perspective attempt here... if we lose to miami and uga and lose a bowl game... then I think he gets the boot. I know I know... Contract. Money. Etc..

Its not so much the record (ie 7-5) as it is who he loses to. The record would be secondary thought.

If we lose to Miami, ugag, and bowl game but win the majority of the rest then yes he stays.

1-4 vs miami
1-4 vs uga
1-4 bowl games

these will factor in with the record.

personally I hope we are all blowing smoke here and cpj retires successfully here with a respect like dodd

I wonder how the perspective of CPJ would be different if he hadn't beaten uga his first season here. Similar bowl and rivalry record as Gailey. 20 wins over the past three seasons. Heck if we hadn't beaten USC last year we would have been 6-8. Has that ever happened in the history of football?

I'm not calling for his firing but I'm just saying


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So basically, if we lose to two top 10 teams this year, PJ should be fired, despite the fact that he has played in the ACC championship 40% of the time he's been at GT, winning it 20% of the time? I don't get the obsession with UGA results either... The fact is that UGA has been pretty damn good the last couple years, and probably will be for the forseeable future. 1-4 against them isn't good, but couldn't we counter that with PJ's ownage of Clemson? I know the UGA game is more important to us, but it should not be considered any more important when judging a coach's results. The same goes for Gailey - I was okay with letting him go, but it had absolutely nothing to do with our failure to beat UGA under him. Gailey needed to go because we were very consistently mediocre under him and there was no reason to believe that we could ever rise above that.

I think you should re-read my post


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I would hope that some consideration would be given to the overall status of the program. I really cannot remember when Tech football was this deep. We have several impact players who were redshirted and if it goes as planned we have some outstanding guys coming in this class, and 1 already wanting in for the 2015 class.

I know the record may be mediocre but the talent level across 85 scholarship positions, I don't think has ever been better, including the 2009 team.

In other words Tech football is deeper now. I want CPJ to see his work through. He should get through 2016, not because he is CPJ but because he is the coach who has gotten us to this level. Despite our disappointments we have been in the ACC hunt every year and the ACC is still a higher end national conference. Do you remember when Furman and The Citidel were close games ?

Remember this guys, Every team we have faced and are going to face this year often tell us and their own players that our offense will be the most challenging they will face from a scheme perspective, I think they are serious. When Vad or even JT mature I really don't think this offense can be stopped. We should wait and see.
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