2020-2021 GT Hoops Schedule


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With the PAC 12 delaying fall sports until Jan 1 at the earliest, we won't be playing Stanford on Dec 13


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When do you guys think we’ll see a basketball schedule?
It's probably about 7-10 days late, right now.

They need to first decide if they're starting late November or early December, as well as if these early season events will, in fact, occur in a bubble.

My guess is 2-4 weeks, but truly a guess.


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Are any of the games originally on the schedule (prior to the UK game) still there? On ramblinwreck.com they show the dates as TBA. That includes uga.


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Are any of the games originally on the schedule (prior to the UK game) still there? On ramblinwreck.com they show the dates as TBA. That includes uga.
NCAA pushed start of basketball season back for all teams to Thanksgiving weekend, and reduced the maximum number of games teams can play from 31 to 27.
For GT, assuming ACC stays at 20 games, that means GT has seven non-conference games it can play. You can assume 2, maybe 3, will be against non-P5 schools.

There is discussion of an Atlanta bubble around the GT-Kentucky game as 8 other teams (four from SEC, Clemson from ACC, three others) were coming as well ... and bubble rumors are that a few more teams would be invited, probably teams the bigger programs expect to beat) and teams could play 3+ games against someone over a 5-6 day stretch - at State Farm Arena, with possibly using other local arenas (GT) to handle the extra games and allow as much television coverage as possible..

I have seen nothing on it, but will not be surprised if the entire non-conference schedule is thrown out the window and they come up with 7 games in form of 1 or 2 bubble events, and maybe a home or road game (UGA would make sense to play at McCamish .... I do not expect the mutts to back out in hoops like they did football). Contracts for home/away or the 2 for 1's (Ga State and UAB in GT's case) could get pushed a year, cancelled, or reworked- the current non-conference schedule is certain to change in some way.

With budget shortfall caused by lower football revenue, I could see many teams wanting out of the 'buy-in games' when possible (the three home games vs. lower level D1 teams at start of the year are buy-in games for GT - where we are paying them to come to Atlanta). Ga State and UAB are 2-1 deals (2 at GT, one away) - so most likely you play this years game on back-end of contract if it does not happen this year.


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Teams are not going to want to play more than 3 games in a single bubble as they will want a break to work on things they see in the first bubble before going to a second Lot of tourney risk if you get on a negative roll over one bubble and don't have a chance to fix it in practice