2015 Season

GT Man

Ramblin' Wreck
We are much better off playing Notre Dame than Elon. With ND, we have the potential to beat a chronically overrated team and boost our cred. Beating Elon or Wofford or Presbyterian does absolutely nothing for us.

I love playing ND. Great history!
I understand what you're saying from a credibility standpoint, although I will say that those cupcakes do provide a great way for the team to fix major flaws before playing tougher opponents. It's also a good source of income for the smaller schools. I would agree that there are too many cupcake games (one time per season is better), but there is certainly value in playing those easy games.


Helluva Engineer
Play the weakest to be the best? Something like that? GT has really gone down hill.
Johnny Vaught won the MNC and went to 18 bowl games at Ole Miss by playing 9 pushovers and Bama every year. He persistently refused to play LSU or Tech, despite constant efforts by both programs.

Iow, the media and now the selection committee won't care who you play if you win big every year. I'd play the weakest schedule I could within conference and out, then play Ugag and hope for the occasional good result. And everybody, including you, would be both pleased and defensive. I was looking forward to that, but now we have to play both a resurgent FSU and ND occasionally. Too bad.