2014 Players to Watch


Helluva Engineer
Who do you think will surprise us in a good way in 2014?

Offense: Devine, Summers, Snoddy

Defense: Kallon, Golden, White


Helluva Engineer
Byerly. For good or bad, he's going to get a lot of snaps next year.
Jeune. I think he brings a dimension only Smelter really brings to the WR corp.
Devine. Probably the most anticipated OL we've had since...Nat Dorsey?
Custis. The next great hope at BB.
JT aka JeT. For obvious reasons...can he handle the physical demands and hold up all season? Can he take this offense where we thought Vad would?
Wilson. Custis got all the hype, but this kid was making noise. Sounds like he's a battering ram.

Jabari Hunt-Days. Needs a bounce-back year from 2013 where he would have lost his starting spot if not for Harrel's injury. Lots of physcial tools to work with.
Gotsis. How will he deal with the increased attention now that Attachou isn't there to divert extra blockers?
Commissiong/Akins/Robbins. Which one of them will live up to their practice squad hype now that the bullets are live?
White. Was probably our best pure cover corner the last part of the season, can he continue his progression?
Golden. His athleticism needs to be on the field, but he still really hasn't found a home yet. Will he be same on special teams after injury?

Butker. Had a good, not great t-FR year. Great range on his leg, but needs to be more consistent. I expect him to power kicks out of the endzone more often now that he'll have a year's worth of strength and conditioning on this level.


Helluva Engineer
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I think both JT and TB will be pleasant surprises. We kind of got lulled to sleep this year (as fans ) with VL running (or maybe I should say jogging through) the non-option. The option will return next season in full force whether or not the formations are expanded. I am looking forward to that.

I'll bet Custis makes his mark on the offense. I look for him to be a slightly faster version of Sims with better field vision and cutting ability. The pad level will be lower than Laskey. Hopefully the kid will embrace blocking. If he does, Laskey's job may be in jeopardy.

If Golden has a good year, it won't be a surprise. Same goes for White.

It will be interesting to see Wilson at AB. He is a physical player, just going off his HS film. It should be an intriguing dynamic with an electric QB and two physical and brutish ABs on the field. I predict the return of the counter double option play with the BB (Custis, ala Dwyer) taking the pitch role and the big ABs leading the way.

On defense I hope it is Kallon but I am not extremely confident.

Milton will come alive if healthy and I think Griffin will show out too. I like Noble.


Helluva Engineer
Better be JT if we going to improve record wise! I hope Custis can show a little Dwyer magic too. On D I want to see a couple of the young lineman step in to compliment Gotsis. I also see Durham stepping into Young's position.


Helluva Engineer
Most Important NewComer is Custis
Most Important Group is Chamberlain/Roberts, Devine/Braun/Joe, O'Reily/Burden, Shaq, Griffin/??
Most Important Group Part 2 Defensive Line The Whole Damn Line
Off injury Golden & I. Johnson
Player that could take us the the next level. (J)ustin (E) (T)homas
The Breakout Player Snoddy
Can he will he get it all together Paul Johnson


Jolly Good Fellow
its been well documented, but DJ White really seemed to come into his own and play well the last two games. Him teamed up with a talent like Step Durham with experience at safety really excites me for our secondary next year.


Helluva Engineer
Hate to say it but White has GOT to be a given next yr,no surprise.
IF we don't find a DL with pass rush ability our def will make Roof look like a goof.
Freeman is my favorite new FR.
I love Davis at LB.


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On O gotta have; JT because he will have the ball in his hands every play. Looking forward to a nice season from him.
Custis; if he can pick up the blocking part he has the potential to be 1000 yard back out of the gate.
Devine; he's huge, strong, and surprisingly nimble. He could really be a beast on the OL
On D; Gotsis has all-american potential. He had improved so much.
Hunt-days; has the tools to play in the league. Hopefully this season was a sophomore slump and he will get it right in '14
White; love the way he finished the season. Hope he can continue to improve.
Dark horse; Kallon. Big, strong, fast, and seems to have some attitude. If he can figure "it" out we will have a stud on our hands.


Helluva Engineer
Its all about the trenches to me.
Offense: Shamire DeVine at guard and whoever win the battle at center between Thomas O'Reilly and Freddie Burden
Defense: Francis Kallon, Darius Commissiong, and Adam Gotsis are the guys I'm keeping an eye in the defensive interior.


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Devine, Justin Thomas, Dennis Andrews, Burden, Autry, and Custis. Sleeper is Chris Griffin if you could call him that..

Darius Comm, Atkins, Gamble,Milton, and Kallon.

I think Kallon is going to get decent 2nd string snaps this year while learning the game and CFB game speed. However, if his work ethic and drive continue then I think he will be a stud by the time he is a senior and develop in the NFL. He could also become a bust too...You never know.


Helluva Engineer
Reading this makes you think we have an ACC championship team on our hands, which is possible, but the last 4 years haven't looked great.

I hope we turn it around this year and the most important player on the team is JT.

On defense we need someone to step up on the edge to take attouchou's place.

The third player that we need to make a huge impact is Custis, if he can take our BB position back to the level of even 09 Dwyer or close then our offense changes and opens up immensely. I don't think a defensive coordinator has had to put extra guys in the middle since Dwyer was running the dive and Nesbitt was running the midline, if we can get those 2 plays going again we'll start scoring like we did in 08-09 and we may find ourselves in Charlotte in December.


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O: C. Griffin, JT, Custis

D: F.Kallon, I.Johnson, D.J. White

I hate the argument of the Bback needing to learn how to block. Its not rocket science at the Bback position. We don't throw it enough to have such a talented runner sitting on the sidelines due to not blocking as well as Laskey. I was a huge Laskey fan, but mostly due to being a Sims hater. We need a playmaker at Bback to be successful on O. JT is the other wildcard here. If he can hold up to the beatings he will take I have no doubt we will look much better next year. Defense HAS to at least be as good as last year IMO. Losing J.A. and J.T. is gonna hurt big time unless some of the younger guys can step up and make plays. Huge unknowns going into the spring. We have to play with hope and intensity this year, I think JT will be the leader we were lacking on the field and inspire greater effort from his teammates


Ramblin' Wreck
It would be great if Snoddy could become our breakout player. I don't think he's gotten his chance to shine yet. However, him focusing on track in the Spring and not doing anything football related (outside of conditioning) could stunt his growth.