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Ramblin' Wreck
Boo frikin Hoo.
Grow a pair.

This message board is tame compared to others I've read. If recruits are looking around at all, they would see that we are just as passionate and more civil than any program around.

Have u seen the dawg boards? 10x worse and it doesn't seem to hurt their recruiting.

If players and recruits aren't smart enough or tough enough to deal with critics, how do you expect them to deal with UGA?

The problem is our recruits are intelligent enough to use the internet. Most uga recruits can't even spell internet.


If Reggie, Josh, Tevin and JT were here now, i would pass out the flowers, have everyone clip them to their hair, crank up the Joan Baez tunes, hold hands with them and sing kumbaya. If we were in Denver, we could even pass around the weed while we are singing.

Peace, Love and happiness for all.
Little sensitive I may have been referring to you? I've never been much of a fan of the doper and hippie scene. Hope you enjoy though.


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We don't win today with any other QB from the CPJ era. JT left some throws on the field today, but he was just too much for the VT defense to account for. He put them on their heels much of the time. They have a quality defense. At this point I think that is beyond debate. Just look at what ECU is doing to UNC. I was worried near the end because JT had to be gassed. 160+ yards rushing plus all those scrambles AND yards called back. The kid is tough because he played through it when it mattered. It is hard to concentrate when you are exhausted.

I will be interested to hear your take when you look at the tape, but when I watched the game again I was even more impressed. I did not realize how many times JT made plays. The VT D must be having nightmares about JT. He seemed to be just out of their reach time and time again. He is a tough kid, anyone that thinks otherwise is crazy. I think it is safe to say there are no doubts that JT is (and should be) QB1 for GT. It wasn't all JT, the whole team stepped up and made plays when it counted. VT threw the kitchen sink at the GT offense. There are very few teams that really have the refuse to lose mentality. We saw that mentality from our guys yesterday. A team that displays that mentality in every game usually ends up making their own luck.


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Little sensitive I may have been referring to you? I've never been much of a fan of the doper and hippie scene. Hope you enjoy though.
Don't have a problem if it was directed at me or not. Just seems to be a little too much sympathy and sensitivity for young men who want to play a big boy's game. They may be amateurs, but they aren't children. They're old enough to fight wars, they should be old enough to take criticism.

That having been said, However critical I have been of Tevin's game in the past, I have made it clear that the accountability was on johnson. Tevin gave us everything he was capable of giving and was the best we had. It was Johnson's fault that we didn't have better.

But now we do have better and I will give credit to Johnson accordingly. I am looking forward to riding the train for the next couple of years with JT leading the way.


Jolly Good Fellow
My favorite stat from JT yesterday:
20+ dropbacks (18 passes plus I'll assume a few broken pass plays that turned in to scrambles)
1 sack (where the DT jumped the snap, so not even fair to call it that)