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    Why has our defense been bad since 2008?

    Ugh...I've had this conversation with friends. EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR. since 2008 I go into the season thinking we could possibly be blessed with one thing: to finally have a better than average defense. I don't think we've achieved that once. We have had some opportunistic defenses, though. In...
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    Brent Key expected to join Georgia Tech staff

    So true. I will have to eat the words I've spoken to many people if we successfully recruit even one 5-star athlete.
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    Graham Academically Ineligible

    Maybe I can help you out with this. What's your password?
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    Ask a Gopher fan

    Adrian Clayborn handled us. Much like Aaron Donald of Pitt handled us when Vad Lee was at the helm. Luckily, Vad was able to pass us to a victory that game.
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    Paul Johnson to retire

    It would be upsetting and a big blow to the GT football program.
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    Tech vs Va postgame

    Wait, were you at MY wedding?
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    The first one you posted, Normal DE takes QB (not an upcharge), has the potential to be a huge play if LG reads the twist.
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    TM missed almost all the reads where Miami upcharged (or whatever anyone wants to call it). It why we threw the pass to Brad Stewart. TM missed the read during an upcharge on the play before it. Thank goodness passing against Miami worked for us. It saved us from a few stalled drives from missed...
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    GT (-6.5) vs. UVA

    Ugh. Logan Thomas. We had a ton of momentum and stopped them deep in their territory when Jeremiah Attaochu punched him out of frustration. They went down and scored with that penalty that prevented them from having to punt. That night was a frustrating night of QB sneaks by Logan.
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    Marshall to start versus UNC...

    I just love that there are (IMO, valid) arguments for both QBs. Far better than hearing, "X is not getting it done at all!". I also cannot wait to see James Graham throw a ball with my own eyes...not counting HS highlights of his (likely) "best throws". I hear good things about Yates coming in...
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    Spring Game Roll Call

    I will be there. I'm so pumped, I cannot wait!
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    Overall thoughts??

    Personally, I'm FINALLY excited about the defense. Let's not get that confused with I have XYZ expectations of the defense this year. Since 2009, however, I've had my fingers crossed each off-season thinking, "well, hopefully we'll at least be average next seasonr." After watching App St...
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    Sidewalk Fans

    #metoo (sidewalk fan)
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    Dedrick Mills breaks collarbone

    Compassion and sympathy, mostly.
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    Dedrick Mills breaks collarbone I hate it for this kid. I hope he bounces back and has a prosperous college career.