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    Jackets vs. LSU 12/11, 6PM

    This has been one of the worst officiated games I have seen. In here in person and LSU is literally shoving our players and grabbing them with no calls whatsoever…Looks like they got the SEC Refs. Doesn’t excuse our poor free throw shooting and turnovers though.
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    GT hires Chip Long as new OC/QBs Coach

    I think this move was to get Harrison Bailey. He was an offensive analyst for Tennessee when Bailey was there. This would also explain why Bailey is projected to transfer here.
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    Staff Changes

    Slowly but surely the defensive staff is being ripped apart
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    GT & ACC WBB 2021-2022

    Why would she transfer out? Hasn’t she started every game for us this year?
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    GT & ACC WBB 2021-2022

    This was a “signing” for the new basketball student section. There’s one specific for men’s and women’s, where the people joining commit to show up to most of the games. The people who signed up for the women’s one had a little “signing day” to commit to the program…If you see people in that...
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    Tip Off Tomorrow Miami of Ohio

    Did you show up to this game? Because I was there in person and the students were very loud and we were cheering as much as we could. The student section was fairly packed, especially for a Tuesday night game during a busy week for students, and we even incorporated a new dedicated Students...
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    Jose and Moses Post Draft

    If Moses gets no offers, which I hope isn’t the case cause he deserves a chance at the NBA, is it possible for him to still return to Tech for this upcoming season?
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    GT Hoops General Topics

    The data was compiled by “South Harmon Institute of Technology”…Look at the abbreviation, it’s just a map they made to troll and get interaction on Twitter
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    Duke @ GT Tues Mar 2nd @ 8PM ACCN

    Well that’s true in some sense, I think the students that show up to games now are doing a great job in showing the love. As a student who’s been here 4 years, I have never seen the student base cheer as loud and excitedly as they have this year. And trust me, we’ve been doing our best to keep...
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    3 Georgia Tech athletes have tested positive for COVID-19.

    I think it’s not as simple as let’s get it and be over with it, there could be long term effects that the virus could inflict after you “got over it” (like with chickenpox and shingles). I mean idk if there’s any research on whether that’s the case, but I think the risk of damaging these...
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    GT researchers: colleges too optimistic about social distancing

    But by that logic of only considering money, students coming from outside of Georgia pay way more in tuition to attend the school, so in that case wouldn’t they be given preference? From my understanding the higher out of state tuition was to try and counteract the lack of taxes they pay to help...
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    Introduce yourself

    Hello everyone! My name is Keshav and I'm a current AE student at Tech (Graduating 2021). I'm a part of the Ramblin Reck Club and I love learning about and watching GT sports. While GT football hasn't been at it's best while I've been on campus, my favorite football game I was at was the OT win...