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    GT - Tulane series cancelled

    Arkansas State, Houston, UCF (ironic, but doubtful considering they open with Penn State) and a few other FBS schools have openings for 2014 still FYI. App State too possibly.
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    GT - Tulane series cancelled

    Obligatory "Blame Tech First" post.
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    Coaching Carousel

    If we had the CPJ from 2008, we'd have won 10 games this year. He's become way too conservative. His scheme works, just needs to evolve a little.
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    Team Efficiency - A rational discussion

    Why not adjust offensive scoring for strength of schedule? It's pretty simple. You create a power ranking system. With that power ranking, you divide one team's score with the other teams... and that gives you a strength multiplier. From there, you look at the offensive stats. I have a...
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    Any anticipated coaching changes by GT?

    I think he'll be gone by the end of January. Sewak, that is.
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    Question about scheme

    I agree 100%, and this is the kind of thing I am talking about. There's a lot of information to be gained by doing this. Navy does it a lot more than we do, and Army does it almost every play. The false starts are the problem, I agree with y'all on that. Clearly, we don't have a team nearly...
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    Question about scheme

    I guess my point is that I think CPJ needs more misdirection. That's what made him successful in the first place. However, it's pretty easy to argue that our better opponents have adapted. Now, I think we have to adapt to keep them guessing. I think I remember that UNC play, but wasn't that...
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    Question about scheme

    I was talking about this on another board, and it got me to thinking. We all know (and probably hate) that "draw 'em offsides" play CPJ likes to run. Essentially, the first a-back goes in motion and then resets as a halfback just behind and offset the b-back (basically turning the flexbone...