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    #GTvsCLEM Postgame

    Credit to the players for fighting the entire game through the delay. The offensive play calling is horrendous though. There is no excuse not to run Mason on first and goal after the onside kick when we had them on their hills.
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    Mostly “Fire Geoff Collins”, some reminiscing, maybe bourbon or other distractions

    I can only take the buddy buddy blow smoke yo my a$$ approach for so long and about had enough of it last season, but thought hey Covid free pass right. Last night was inexcusable. I thought he was a defensive coach…? put up or shut up.
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    Potential Head Coach Hires

    Edited - need a defensive minded coach who hires a good offensive coordinator
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    Work related puppy melts....
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    Rules Question

    I always thought if any part of a players foot touched any part of the white that he was OOB. Its just like at the endzone. You just have to cross the plane. Am I wrong? He was definitely on the white and OOB though.
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    Rules Question

    What about the sideline interference penalty? Shouldn't that have been a sideline warning? If so that would have been their first then they would have had a second one later that would have been 15 yards. Also - how can a penalty with the word interference in the name be a dead ball foul...
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    Work related puppy melts....

    My wife's Uncle is a diehard dwag and he had been so vocal on facebook/taunting texts to me about his love for the dwags and their chances to bring home the natty... Now he is oddly quiet...
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    Work related puppy melts....

    Seriously?! They picked up the Oklahama RB and dropped him! #SMH
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    Work related puppy melts....

    UGA fans complaining about the refs? Gimme a break. They aren't called thuga for nothing. Pot meet kettle.
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    There was no social media in 1980... #RMFT
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    Glad you asked

    Because Virginia Tech is not an Institute of Technology it is a Polytechnic University thus the academic rigors are not the same. #faketech #ihaaaatevt
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    Player suspensions

    You're assuming the NCAA is logical...
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    Design your worst case CFP final four

    u[sic]ga, miami, notre dame, ohio st
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    Are you happy with Adidas? (Poll)

    If the images they show on the announcement page on are any indication, it looks like they got the shade of gold correct. At the very least the gold they show looks good to me. I like it.
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    Season Ticket Delivery?

    Anyone know why they didn't do a season ticket holder gift this year? The coasters last year could have been better but I use them quite often.