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    Revelations after 3 weeks

    Indeed football is an emotional game. Both winning and losing bring different types of emotion to a fan base. I was so P1$$ED watching the game yesterday, just like everybody else. With that said, there are lot's of signs of progress if you are willing to look for them. Anybody who has played...
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    Week 2 #UCFvsGT Predictions

    I really don't know much about UCF to be honest. My gut tells me we are going to have a more difficult time stopping them than we did FSU. My gut also tells me that we will execute at a pretty high level on offense, like last Saturday, but also make a couple crushing mistakes. After all, we are...
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    Jeff Sims' First Collegiate Game

    I'm not going to repeat a lot of what I have already read, which I agree with completely, but here are a couple of thoughts: When a true frosh plays the entire first game of the year at QB against a defense like FSU and has 60+ yards rushing without ever putting the ball on the ground, that is...
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    Perhaps the most auspicious stat of the day that I could find was 20 of the 76 total tackles made in the game (including ST's and interception return defense) were made by the DL. We haven't seen that in a while. Additionally, that high number was not created by a single player going off with a...
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    Article Jackets Brought the Juice to Tallahassee

    I was really impressed with Sims. We haven't seen a QB spread the ball around like that with high completion percentage since Goose and Hamilton, it seems like anyway. I love the pocket presence, the feet, the physical nature and finishing runs, the setting up of screens, and cool demeanor. You...
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    Favorite Georgia Tech Defensive Stand Of All Time

    ahh yes. You are correct sir.
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    Favorite Georgia Tech Defensive Stand Of All Time

    Did anybody mention the kick followed by the pick? UGAg 2016?
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    ACC Opponent Nickname Thread

    UVA - Cadavers MIA - Sun showers UGA - Leg Humpers
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    Spring Preview: Wide Receivers

    WRs are among the easiest position for freshman to make an impact. As O'Leary used to say: "the further away from the ball you are, the easier it is to win a position early". That is not an exact quote, but he used words to that effect.
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    Spring Preview: Quarterbacks

    Well, for starters, whoever played QB for us last year had far less time, on average, to execute a play than our opponents QB did. So, in that context, it is hard to judge the future performance on last year's results. Pass protection will cure a lot of ills. With that said, there was a lot of...
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    Vols OL Grad Transfer comes to GT

    We most likely won't be able to recruit our way to OL success in 2020. In order to become more competitive next year, we are going to need guys like him coming in, hopefully a couple more. Our 2020 recruits will hopefully make a difference a couple years down the road, but asking true frosh to...
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    I guess we should have known

    Not gonna say.
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    Virginia Tech Postgame

    Not really. Too small a sample under difficult circumstances. He needs to see the field again though, just because. #4 has not won the right to keep the job IMHO. It is still an open competition, or should be.
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    I guess we should have known

    it was going to be a terrible day when one of our guys, who was carrying the US flag as he ran out on to the field on hero's day, trips on Buzz and falls to the ground, dropping the flag to the turf in the process. To compound matters, he got up and ran away, leaving the flag on the ground...
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    Virginia Tech Postgame

    I read a few pages and then zipped to the end. Look folks. It is the same story today as it has been every game this year. Our opponent was able to sustain blocks on us, and we were unable to sustain blocks on them. The only thing that has changed week to week was how many points got scored, how...