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I remember a profile of CMR and CCG that the AJC did once. When asked what each would do if they had to choose another career, CCG said "teacher", I believe. CMR said something like selling real estate. Although I don't have a lot of animosity toward CMR, I thought it was telling that one man chose a profession that requires selfless service and unenviable pay, while the other chose basically salesman.

I always liked CCG, thought he was a good man but a terribly conservative offensive coach, and hated to see him get fired, though my first choice for his replacement had always been CPJ. I thought I was dreaming when they announced the hire.

The reason Richt always won is in this example. The most important part of being a college football coach is recruiting. Whatever you think about Mark Richt the man can sell and close.


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I think my best memory was that dwag game where tashard choice had like 150 yes ruching after 3 qtrs and they kept feeding him the ball and we won and then the next week against wake forest in the acc championship tashard had like 100 after 3 qtrs and we kept giving him the ball and we walked away, oh wait . . .
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