Yellow Jacket Issues

Leonard Larramore

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Nice OP.

#4 (more quick route passes) is something the CPJ seems to have forgot or something VL isn't doing well (reading at LOS or through his progressions).

I agree with others that maybe CPJ needs to jot down a few things regarding a "plan" instead of doing it all out of his head. I think he forgets about certain plays during the heat of the moment. Yes, the long pass is a thing of beauty when it works, but is high risk/reward... too often we've been on the wrong side of the equation.
I agree. Jot down the habits of your opposition too. When I played ball, we were given our game plan and another few pages outlining the habits of the team we were playing against. We had a film session on habits of certain players and coaches. Then we were tasked to do some self study. (If there was time). When it was game time, we would recognize certain habits of players on both sides of the ball. I know this process benefited our QB tremendously. He was able to signal to our coach and who would give the green light for an audible or it our coach would change the play. On the sideline he was able to tell the coach what certain players were doing and they both looked over their scouting report to counter it. Sounds like a lot but to be honest it was not. It worked great!

The short pass and the run game makes the defense play you honestly. If you don't have that working for you then the team stacks the box and it becomes difficult to execute the option or any other run play.


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For years now we have been on the Vad "hype" waiting for his turn to start. He is a work in progress. I am no football expert but this offense sounds like it's hard to learn. Did we expect him to come out and play like a Heisman trophy candidate this year? I want this team to succeed just as bad as everyone else. They need our support right now. I refuse to give up on them.

I knew Vad would have struggles this year and he really hasn't preformed awful besides having way too many fumbles.

However I think our OL would give Vad a fighting shot...I was wrong. Vad is young and has time...He will continue to get better. He is a hard worker.