Why are UGA fans so obnoxious?


Helluva Engineer
Douglasville, Georgia
If you are with another UGA fan that is your friend... They usually wont be as obnoxious. But one year this UGA fan straight trampeled a GT fan on crutches and poured beer all over him. Thankfully I had a few of my bigger buddies with me, one a tech fan and the other a Noles fan. We picked the Tech fan off the ground and took the UGA fan and shoved his @$$ until he was damn near off campus. His lil buddies didnt say a word the whole time. That had to be the most rude and crude thing I had ever seen. But im guilty of unclassy behavior myself. After the GT .vs. ND game when CJ was still here... We stayed up all night Friday... went to College Gameday, came back for a nap and then proceeded to get smashed. I was so pissed after that game that I went buckwild yelling at some ND fans and probably deserved to have my butt whipped. But it happens sometimes..