Who gets moved to DL

Northeast Stinger

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What I love about college football is that everybody has gaps they have to fill each year. Everybody. And many times, the gap is between the ears. That's what college coaches get paid to do: fill those gaps. Last year preseason, I had Bama fans telling me that this was the year Saban was fully loaded. Best team in a generation. Didn't even win the Division. You think we were disappointed last year? Talk about heart break. Should have been a Bama fan.

It will all be about match ups. We don't play in a vacuum. Some teams will punish our DL for sure. That's when it's up to our OL to dish out the punishment, also. Will the increment of OL over DL be in our favor or theirs, and can we compensate other places if not. Throw in injuries, weather, penalties, brain-farts, scheduling anomalies, and you get the sport we love. Hopefully this year, "Random chance seems to have operated in our favor."
And that's why they go ahead and play the games.