What I look for this week vs VT


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So for those of us who are ignorant like myself, what is the adjustment we make to counter the smaller/quicker LBs? Do we just man up and live and die by the dive, or something else?
I think you do your offense. You just have to challenge your players to make the blocks anyway against the quicker guys. You might also cut less on the second level than normal. You might tell your guys, if you can get to him better by not leaving your feet and just staying with him, you have the freedom to do that. One thing you give up, is that we might be able to break tackles better against the smaller guys and get a few extra hidden yards.


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I didn't see that. Not sure how I would've missed it, as I was in the stands from about 10:30AM to the end.

I don't think it was planned, it may have had something to do with the weather. But it came in pretty low from the West stands and banked south so I guess it may have had a bad first approach.


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Fourth game of the season. Thursday night game. ESPN national coverage...

Would be a nice game for our guys to start out strong and finish strong like it was done against Miami in 2008.