What do we see first?

AE 87

Helluva Engineer
I only have the 2013 spring game on video. There was not much LB blizing in the gaps or timing the snap. There was no LB jumping on top of the QB at the snap in 2013 like several times in the 2014 game. The 2014 spring game looked much more like VPI 2013.

The 2013 team may have practice against the scout team or did limited preparation with the 1st D in 2013, but the whole 2014 spring game was a LB play ground.

FWIW, that also may reflect st new about this year's D. Our DEs were standing up; only DTs were down. We may really be playing what amounts to a 2-4-5 where our pass rush is coming from multiple spots without necessarily bringing more than 4 guys.