What do we know so far?


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All I know is that the Head Coach was pretty unhappy Saturday with our performance. I feel about the same way CPJ does. Does that mean we're both negative?

Am glad he's not happy about the overall play in the field and he shouldn't be.

Can't afford to play any game like that and expect to win. Sometimes we can win playing like that, but as the competition gets tougher we have to stop the "mental" errors.
I can live with the difference in talent knowing that the players are doing the best they can. It's the mental lapses that are aggravating.

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1383485648493.jpg 1383485644243.jpg 1383485556459.jpg BuEaJN5IUAApXwU.jpg #play71gt people keep saying 71 is out of shape playing shape @6'7'' 365 size 19 shoe what do you want ?how much shape you have to b in to play 4 snaps or less to a touch down sounds like hogwash to me.he was recruited big play him big he is finally injury free play him and please stop saying he is out of shape.out of shape to run a marathon but not to play football .if there is a reason he didn't play the garbage minutes of the last two games say so because playing shape aint it.go jackets