"What a time to be alive!"


Helluva Engineer
Just wondering: did you see the preseason conversation about GT involving Rod Gilmore?
I'm curious what he said...I've definitely noticed in the past he makes clear he does not like our brand of football. If I was a DB, I wouldn't like it either! Those guys are asked to do something completely different than they're used to playing against us.


Jolly Good Fellow
Finally having a chance to view the recording. Gilmore is an effing moron and world class crybaby!!! Oh Oh PLEASE don't cut block me, my knees my knees................................I'm sure he's prt of the WHINE and cheese crowd!!!

Did you notice how he blasted the play - call every time on 3rd down, then said they should run on the final 4th down. After the long catch by Stewart you could almost hear him gulp, deciding what to say to change the subject.

You KNOW if it was an incomplete pass or an interception he would have ripped the GT coaching staff for the next 10 minutes.

I'd like to hear one of these weasels buck up and say "I still don't agree with that play call even though it gained 40 yards" or even just "call me a liar" like Bill Clement used to say.