Well... this headline is real


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Real high quality journalism from the AJC


Not sure I'll be more surprised if they change the headline or if they don't. Either way you can find it here: http://www.ajc.com/flist/sports/georgia-tech-headlines/fFz/


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The playoff article is making it sound harder than it actually would be to get in. Utah, Auburn, Michigan State, and Wisconsin would all get jumped just by virtue of our more difficult remaining schedule, and Georgia would get jumped by us if we beat them. That means we'd only have to pass another 9 teams due to them losing late in the year. Then, you figure the Arizona State/Arizona loser and the Kansas State/Baylor loser would get auto-jumped by an ACC champion Tech as well, and now we only need 7/11 teams to lose. Plus if we beat Florida State convincingly enough, we probably go in over them even with an extra loss. It's unlikely, but not crazy. Probably like a 20-25% chance assuming we win out. Of course, winning out won't exactly be easy, but hey, we couldn't be playing any better. I'm just happy we've got a shot.