Was our staff this big before?


Jolly Good Fellow
Kaneohe, HI
CGC is also sharing the podium with 6 cell phones (or so it appears). You would think that there is a way to sink all the various numbers to a single device and simplify that briefcase full of phones for the guy! It's GT we can do that!
It looks like a couple of those devices on the podium are digital voice recorders, which leads me to believe that those are not his phones, but the phones of reporters in the audience looking to get an audio recording of the press conference. Makes me wonder if some of the other pictures of him that show multiple phones on the table are just the same thing.


Ramblin' Wreck
From what I understand, it’s the same size, and he has some staff positions still to fill.
Maybe or maybe not if the picture caption he posted on twitter is correct "1st Full Staff" picture. He may have had to streamline some responsibilities/roles in order to acquire some of the new guys on staff and stay within budget. But who knows? The new "Co-head coach" Key may want to bring some of the Alabama assistants with him?