VT's Defense


Ramblin' Wreck
JT was the difference. No question. Vad is a great talent, but did not have the toughness to get to the sticks. Justin inspires this team. Much like Nesbitt. JT is still a first year QB and you will not see him missing those throws by the end of the year.

JT not only has the speed that makes this offense darn near impossible to stop, but his understanding of the reads based on what the defense is doing is getting exponentially better each week with experience. The upside is going to be fun to watch. It's also nice to see some toughness under center this year.


Helluva Engineer
I think the edge plays yesterday were ok, actually. As near as I could see, what was happening out there was that the pitch back was almost always covered. When that happens with a QB as fast as JT what you are really doing is creating a lane for him to run between D players who have slowed down to make a hit. Thomas was past them like they were standing still several times. But … if you go for him, then the ABs are open for the pitch. You pay your money and you …

AE 87

Helluva Engineer
Maybe the VT D is going to be one of the best we face this year. It definitely was the best rush D we have seen so far. (Their pass D is living on borrowed time with the pass interference they are getting away with.) But about 4* of our future opponents are ranked ahead of VT in Football Outsiders defense stats. (Stats not yet adjusted for quality of opponent.) http://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/feidef

*Duke, UVa, Miami, Pitt

I agree with you about vpi pi. It's crazy to me that the announcer can talk about our rx slowing down as if he weren't being held.

That being said, vpi kept us and tOSU in check, and ECU. ECU came out and put up 21 in the first quarter. Classic trap. But after that, not counting the possession ending the 1st half, VPI gave up 130 yds in 10 drives before the last drive of the game. Considering ECU just put up 70 on unc, that's an impressive showing.


Helluva Engineer
I did not watch the game, but noted that Miami just gave up 41 to a Nebraska team that hadn't been all the impressive before. What happened to all that talent?