VT v Ohio State


Helluva Engineer
Boise, Idaho
How about the several references by the announcers that Bud Foster said he prepared as if they were playing GT. VT looked legit, especially on "D", we're going to have to present some sort of passing threat or we'll be in big trouble.


Helluva Engineer
Who's the guy here who said VT was down this year? Sheesh...

That would be @Jean-Baptiste Rochambeau

With Michigan, Michigan St., OSU all losing, and Wisconsin last week, looks like a done deal.

Well what I'm trying to say is it shouldn't be. It's the second week. There's like what 12 weeks left to play? Lots of stuff can happen. But even if one of these teams runs the table they're gonna have to overcome three months of bad press. It's why they should have kept the computers in lieu of a committee to pick the four teams. The committee members are going to hear how bad the B1G is from now until the end of the season. How can they possibly ignore that bias?