VT Blog's Take on the GT Game


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What makes this post even more awesome, imo, is that Dean doesn't work for GT anymore
Not only doesn't he work for Tech anymore, he essentially got fired.
I love seeing former GT people/staff/players continuing to support GT regardless of their situations; Dean Buchan is no exception... he has some nice blog posts on his site about GT.

Speaking of the GTAA's SID staff though, I thought this photo of Smelter's last TD catch with Mike DeGeorge's reaction in the background was hilarious:


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The biggest break, imo, is one that very few folks remember or realize. It happened on our game-tieing drive, after the 4th and 15 and before the td. This particular play would have ended all hope of a victory and should have been made by VT. Anybody care to guess?

Biggest break was not giving up a safety on the return. Watching the fourth quarter again there were 5 or 6 single failure points at which if it had gone the other way we very probably lose.