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One quote that got me was in the radio interview he did. He said something to the effect of "I was told we'd do more passing once we became proficient at the running aspect of the offense. I felt I did that." That showed a real disconnect to me because anyone who watched the games could tell that wasn't the case.

I agree. I was going to say more but not much beyond what's been said.


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My take:
1. I didn't think Tevin was an all-world QB, but I didn't think he was the biggest problem in 2011 and 2012. He was making his reads decently and threw the ball decently. He seemed to suffer from a lot of dropped passes and the slightly more than occasional what the what pass. I thought those calling for the back-up to play were over-reacting.
2. In 2012, I liked what I saw from Vad, but I also saw that he wasn't asked to run a lot of true triple. I wasn't calling for him to replace TW, but I was optimistic about 2013.
3. In 2013, I agree that Vad had a decent year for a first-year starter. However, I was really disappointed in how he ran the base offense. It's one thing if you don't pick-up line stunts etc, but there were times when the read looked like a flashing light, and he missed it.
4. Vad spent his off-season with the QB coach who worked with some of the top QBs in the nation. There's no doubt that he heard a lot of grief about the offense, and took it to heart.
5. During the season, I did say that it didn't look like Vad was trusting the system. I said that based on how quickly he seemed to bail from the "play" and try to create something with his feet and athleticism. Obviously, there are times when a QB must do that, but it seemed to me that he was doing it too quickly and too often.
6. Still, I never called for JT to start, and I don't remember anyone else calling for JT to start over Vad. The idea that people who are saying that our QB play was not great last year are also saying that his play was awful for a first year starter is some weird George Orwell rewriting history stuff. Vad in 2013 was not as good a QB as TW in 2011, but TW had more time in the system.
7. When leaving, Vad said, "the triple option was just not my thing" or something like that. He also said that he thought he was going to be passing more, as if the passing more was ever going to be from something other than the triple-option base. To me, those words support the notion that he didn't buy in to the offense.
8. That doesn't mean he wasn't trying or wasn't our best QB last year, but it does mean, to me, that he wasn't as good as he could have been. It also means there's a limit to what a coach can accomplish with him. It is true for everybody: if you don't want to do what you are doing, you're going to struggle doing it to your best ability.

Well stated.


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Do you wear white armor when you go out day to day ?

And no, what Eric says isn't what the team says.

Vad lee did what he did for vad lee. I'm sure he "prayed" about it, but his decision was strictly about him and what he wanted.

He signed off after the duke game; his words. The duke game, refer to your schedules if that confuses you.

He was a #pretender

Did you put on your angry eyes when you typed this?

I was just saying he better not be holding his breath to think that plenty of fonts on here won't be rushing back to post Vad's stats after every GT loss. I agree with what Eric said. I wish didn't have that to look forward to this season. But oh well.


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If a quote from a message board would make you reconsider quitting with dignity, then that's on you. If you're the type of man that can walk away from something like that and not talk **** unless someone says something that offends you, well, that an indictment of you and what type of person you are. By the way, I think Vad Lee handled it as well as could be expected.

You're out of your mind if you think he didn't intend on transferring halfway through the season. Any one with a lick of sense wouldn't believe that he made that decision after the bowl game. It's pretty damning with his comments about the Duke game and it was clear throughout the season he checked out. As far as CPJ being the stupidest coach of all time, well I don't think he is the stupidest...

Things don't work out, I get it, but no sense in sugar coating what happened. All talk. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on how and why the #NoPretender motto started...

#butyoudontusetwitter :)


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Would Vad Lee threads now be considered College & Pro Sports since he is no longer associated with GT Football?

Can we move this thread there?
I understand where you are coming from and I thought about this too. However, Vad will always be part of GT Football history (whether anyone likes it or not) and I respect that. For example, I don't expect people to start posting Calvin Johnson updates in the Pro Sports forum.

Now, the "coulda/woulda/shoulda" comparison between what Vad will do at JMU and what Vad could do at GT is inevitable even though personally, I think any comparison would be like apples and oranges.

Of course, after all this, if we start seeing a new Vad/JMU thread every day or something, that'll be something completely different but I hope we don't get to that point. :facepalm:


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I agree when discussions of Vad is correlated to GT. However, when it's just about him and JMU...either way, I'm okay with it as long as we don't vilify or deify him. It was just a thought.
I don't think anybody wants to deify him unless it's one of the CPJ bashers who thinks his success elsewhere is an indictment of CPJ.


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Vad is of interest for next few years as he was a high quality recruit who did (could or would ) not fit into the cpj system even if modified for him. If at JM he does very well and gt does poorly this year it will be ugly on blog for cpj as his system -he will be blamed for wasting quality recruit. If vad is average and gt is good, then it will be a wash ( we only get mediocre qb who can't make it in standard offense , why didn't we know vad wouldn't work , glad he is gone etc) . If we both suck, then double negative whammy on blogs. If both are good, we will be like the guys near the full keg of beer, life is good .

My one comment on vad is at last UGA game he gave it all so thanks and best of luck in whatever he does.