Updated predictions for the season


So Duke was better at protecting the ball and they should get punished for it? That's my point...we're inconsistent and we let teams like Tulane and GA Southern hang in there.

Can't do that against the better teams.
I' never said that Duke is not a good team. I said before we crown them a powerhouse we should look at stats and who they have played. They do look good. But I don't think that their defense will be anything like VT's. I don't think we will see a better defense all year than what we saw Saturday. Certainly not one that prepares better for us than VT does. I like Boone but I want to see what he looks like against some better defenses. We will see after this weekend. Miami's D is not very good but they are better than any D Duke has played thus far.


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Strength of competition has really went up, UnC and NCs are our most winnable games and one of them is 4-0 and the other was ranked before that whooping.