UNC DC Geoff Collins


Helluva Engineer
Like you, I also can’t remember Collins taking a bad defense and making it good.

Perhaps someone on here has an example and can set us straight. But I am just so so glad he’s not our problem anymore.
Dumb C**t is what unc hired, they deserve what they've gotten.

You've got a pile of dog ****. You can trying to sell it as fertilizer, but it's just dog ****.


Helluva Engineer
Rule #1 of being a GT fan (also applies to Atlanta sports in general)

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have the worst case scenario in the back of your mind. So if it happens… you are never shocked.
I know it all too well but it's fun to boast cause we rarely get a chance too.

But still. Don't put that evil on us. Not with THAT guy. 😂