Tucker Gleason Enters the Transfer Portal


Helluva Engineer
So instead waste time recruiting a worse QB who is okay with the prospect of being a career back up? We just had a lower rated QB recruit transfer out. Just because a player is lower rated doesn't mean they are more likely to stay in the situation. And just because a guy stays doesn't mean he's a guy you want running the show.

A coach shouldn't eliminate his program from contention out of fear of a player not being interested. Recruit the best players, if there is no returned interest then move on. If there is then try to land them. If you land them and the transfer because your situation is so good they don't see a path to playing time then you deal with it. That isn't a bad thing. So Justin Fields transferred from UGA. So UGA shouldn't have recruited him to begin with and instead gone after what, some lower ranked recruit more likely to sit for a while and wait his turn? Like Stetson Bennett? Did that work out well for UGA?
Well, what is interesting is our QB recruits over the last two years range from duel threat to pro style. It would seem we really aren't sure what system we are.

Oh and by the way, the mailman is transferring from UGA....lol