Top three GT games you have been to?


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Okay dudes know it was before you were born but 62 Ga game was great.....blowout vs the pups in puppy ville.Lothridege and Auer and McNames and Billy Martin and the Magnificent seven.....great game.Auburn same year decided by less that a td was great game also_Of course the NC rates very high up there to since we got the trophy.


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1. 1998 Virginia game (Unbeelievable)
2. 2009 VT game (LOUD, CRAZY, FUN)
3. 1992 FSU game (It was a loss but a great game. And not many can say they got to see Charlie Ward play in person)
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FSU 08 with the fumble recovery in 4th quarter. VT a few years ago when they were ranked #4 in the country and the Notre Dame game at night with College Gameday on the Flats. Should have won that game, bad calls got us the L though. Still wont ever forget that game


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All three of mine have sentimental value, since I attended all three with my dad. Dad never shows much emotion watching GT sports at home, but something about being there just brings the enthusiasm out.

1. Somebody help me with the year (95 or 96), but we watched C.J. Williams score maybe three 4th quarter TDs to beat NC State in the rain. Might not have been the best game or best atmosphere (small crowd, crappy weather) but nevertheless it was the first time we attended a game together by ourselves, and I had a blast. I was 14 or 15.
2. 2006 Maryland (the Michael Johnson game). Just me and dad again. Thought for sure we were toast after MD answered our go-ahead FG with a loooonnngg pass play down the east sideline. A safety (name?) made a tremendous play to chase him down, and we all know how MJ single-handedly finished it. (Loudest I'd heard BDS at that time.)
3) 2011 Clemson. Hard to choose b/w this one and 2006 ND. I'll go with this one due to the win, and coming in with zero expectation of beating them.


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VT '09 - I think this was the first game I attended as a student (at least since the 90s, when I didn't follow football as closely).
Clemson '11 - I had graduated and bought a Triple Option pack, ended up with mostly Clemson fans.
Wake '09 - The game where I became a Josh Nesbitt fan forever.

HM: Kansas '11 - agree with the other poster... the best offensive game I saw coupled with thoroughly destroying the demons of 2010 in my mind. I was sunburned for a week after that game. Worth it.


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Silas Son: It's hard to beat those games. I would rank them in the exact order you have them listed, btw, and would choose the 1969 ugag game over the 1999 game.

Another exciting one you might recall was the 1960 game against Tennessee.


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-2001 Auburn. Was on the field the when goal posts came down.
-2004 @Clemson. The Calvin coming out game. My buddy left the stands after the third and we gave him so much hell when we got back to the car.
-2008 @uga. In all actuality it was a miserable game. Cold with a light drizzle, and for half the game we weren't playing well at all. It was all worth it when the game was over though.

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Fall was my coop qtr, so I wasn't able to attend a lot of games after freshman year, 82 when none were real memorable. Then again, I also drank a lot.

My most memorable game was @UVA 1990. I went with a wahoo girl for her homecoming. Sutrounded by wahoos, I put up with this joker behind me going "whoops, another touchdown" as they put up a big lead in the first half. Needless to say, they heard the same thing from me as we came back to win.


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The 66 Tennessee game was national televised . I remember a banner that went up above north goal post and could not be brought down. Anyone remember it?


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Gamecocks in 1988(?): As a student - first time I realized we had a real team.

Citrus bowl in 1991: Obvious reasons & the peak of the Ross era at Tech.

ACC CG in Tampa 2009: Peak of the Johnson era at Tech? (I hope not).

I feel like I need to include a Joe Hamilton game. Gator Bowl 1999 vs. Notre Dame?



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3. Homecoming, 1976. Beat Notre Dame without a single completed pass. Ran the wishbone. Right. Down. Their. Throat.

2. ACCCG, 2009. On my birthday, no less. Lovely, simply lovely.

1. FSU, 2008. Before or since, never heard a burst of sound from a crowd like the one for the fumble & recovery. Then everyone ran on the field, and a middle aged fat guy stood in the east stands crying his eyes out.

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1. 1998 Virginia
2. 2009 Virginia Tech
3. 1998 at Georgia

2008 FSU
2003 Auburn
2006 Maryland
2007 Clemson

First post but been reading for awhile. Great board.
Welcome to the board. Only my second post. My top three will unfortunately, date me.

Alabama vs. Tech at Grant Field 1961 ( I was eight years old and distinctly remember Don Toner intercepting that pass)
Tech vs. Clemson ACC championship game. Still don't know how we over came that Clemson running back's career game. Unbelievable running performa Tech vs. Nebraska Citrus Bowl Shawn Jones, Emmitt, and the boys put on a show