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Rodney Kent

Ramblin' Wreck
McDonough, GA
This Category can be changed from "College and Pro Sports" To Pro Sports" if the NCAA decides the Colleges can pay the players in the future.

I quit watching all pro sports about 30 years ago because of the greed as opposed to the sportsmanship. I have not even watched a Super Bowl, World Series, Basketball Championship, etal in all of this time. The players are not worth the millions of dollars they are paid. As I have stated on the boards, the last of any kind of pro sports I watched was Pete Maravich. I watched then because he was completely entertaining in a game. They definitely will not get any of my money through attending games or watching them.

If the NCAA decides the players should be paid above the approximately half million dollars for their career they now receive for their football and education, then I am completely through with College sports. I will not watch or attend another College game.

The athletes and coaches are extorting money from the fans and boosters to pay for all of their education and ability to show-case their football skills to the pros. I will not be a part of it in any way. The coaches are overpaid, and it is ruining the College game at present. The straw that breaks the camels back will be the paying of athletes in addition to all the freebies they now receive. Both Coaches and players are exploiting the fans and boosters.

The players now receive a free education if they wish to study (they still receive a piece of paper by just being there/for those who only want to remain elligible), free medical, free food (the best possible), free room and board, paid trips to other cities for games, paid expenses to bowl games and gifts, free tryouts every Saturday for the pros to see, an opportunity to continue playing football after High School free, etal. The players and coaches are exploiting the fans and boosters, and now want to get paid for playing a sport that they love.

The other students are paying their own way for everything. They even have to borrow money and pay it back after they graduate and get a job. I have three grandchildren along with their spouses who also went to college and had to borrow money to attend. Of course, they offset some of that by working two and three jobs while attending the colleges. One of them only owes $23,000; the others more than this apiece.

Their only hope is to get a good job and be able to pay off their loans. The players do not have this burden, and some will get multi-million dollar contracts with the pros exploiting the colleges as a show-place for their talents.

As I have said, I am gone from all contacts with college sports if this comes to pass. I sincerely hope many more fans and the boosters in particular, who pay all these perks and salaries for the players, will also rebel and quit supporting the new college pro sports. In fact, if the small colleges are left out of this and have to continue playing football for fun, I hope all boosters switch their allegience from the pro colleges to the small colleges who do not pay their athletes. Another caveat for us true sports lovers and fans is that the coaches of the small colleges do not have the fat paychecks many of the college pro team coaches receive for losing records.

Down the road, I believe this will fail miserably by destroying the college game. I believe it has partially disgusted many fans today with the excessive payments to the coaches. I cannot understand why the boosters would ante up such money for the high salaries of the coaches.