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Interview Tim Byerly #18 Quarterback

Discussion in 'GT Swarm Articles, Interviews & Photos' started by CuseJacket, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. CuseJacket

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    Tim Byerly #18 Quarterback
    Tim Byerly #18 QB
    Q: How's practice going so far?
    A: It's been a good few days. We've been in shells and helmets for most of the time. It's been pretty productive so far. We should get a good look on Monday when everyone puts the pads on.

    Q: How are you and Justin splitting snaps right now?
    A: Justin is with the 1's. I'm with the 2's. Occasionally I'll go over with the 1's and Matthew Jordan will work with the 2's.

    Q: What's it like working behind a healthy O-Line?
    A: Oh man, it is awesome. We have a ton of depth there. Shaq and Trey Braun are really taking control and making sure the new guys know what they're doing. That helps Justin and I a lot. We feel way more comfortable going up to the line. We don't have to check a play to a better position outside since we're more balanced. It helps us a lot.

    Q: Paul Johnson has compared you to Josh Nesbitt. How does that make you feel?
    A: Josh did a great job and he was very successful in this offense. To be compared to him is a great compliment.

    Q: Have you watched any of his tape?
    A: Oh yea, we watch it all the time. I even look back at bios online, including Coach Johnson's from his days at Navy. Josh is a fun player to watch.

    Q: We're all familiar with Zach Laskey as he's been in the program quite a while. How are the rest of the B-Backs looking so far?
    A: Matt Connors - he knows what he's doing every play and is a real physical guy. Donovan Wilson - he's one of the hardest workers on the team. Then C.J. Leggett, the new kid, he did a lot in High School. He's probably ahead of the learning curve right now. He is very willing to learn and he's up to speed on the physical side of things. If we can get him up to speed with the playbook then I wouldn't be surprised to see him play.

    Byerly fields media's questions
    Q: What are you personal goals this year?
    A: I would like to play, of course. Overall I hope to develop some kind of leadership role. And ultimately, I just want to win.

    Q: Like Josh Nesbitt you have a reputation for playing well in the trash as Paul Johnson alluded to in his press conference 30 minutes ago. As you're moving around in there who is the guy you least want to see coming the other direction right at you on our team?
    A: Adam Gotsis is not one to mess around with. Jabari is not fun to mess around with. Quayshawn as well. I would prefer they not be there, but if they're there, they're there.

    Q: How are things going with the WR group so far?
    A: We've probably been more on the same page than we have been at any point this year. Darren Waller, DeAndre, and Michael Summers - those are our big 3 that we're looking to this year in terms of making big plays. They are big guys. Justin and I have worked with them a lot this summer running routes. Those are going to be our big-time players. We're going to need that as that balances our playbook. If you can throw it out wide 3-4 times a game they're going to be looked at to make a play.

    Q: Are there any new players that are standing out?
    A: C.J. is standing out. Qua Searcy is looking pretty solid as a receiver. He's a little small but he's got great hands and runs good routes. C.J. will be the big-time guy there. He's here to work and he comes out with his game-face every single day. Zach and Matt have done a great job coaching up C.J. to be game-ready.

    Q: The D-Line lost a lot to graduation and during the offseason. How are they looking so far?
    A: We'll get a better look at that Monday when we go to full pads. It's an opportunity for some guys to step up. With a leader like Adam [Gotsis] on defense, he'll make sure those guys are ready. It doesn't matter who we have - guys will be ready to step up.
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  2. TampaGT

    TampaGT Helluva Engineer

    Just wanted to say how great the Q & A was and really enjoyed the practice recap!!!!! I assume some of this comes from the extra access y'all got, man I really hope that access continues. If it does, AJC/ESPN/....... should put a link to GTSWARM on their GT pages with the message "Go here from great GT coverage we can't come near their coverage, so we stopped trying"
  3. John

    John Peacekeeper Staff Member

    Big props to @CuseJacket for these interviews. He was totally a natural! (y)
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  4. dressedcheeseside

    dressedcheeseside Helluva Engineer

    Big thumbs up from me, too!
  5. dhbartlett12

    dhbartlett12 Helluva Engineer

    Does Jabari practice with the 1's?
  6. CuseJacket

    CuseJacket Administrator Staff Member

    Jabari is on the scout team this fall.
  7. CuseJacket

    CuseJacket Administrator Staff Member

    @John was a machine with the camera all day too - practice, media day, and fan day. All pictures in Saturday's articles are a result of his great work.

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